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Sunday, January 31


break ups

one time when i was going through a break up talk, he got out his bb gun and started shooting the wall of the kitchen with it. he also started shooting bbs into my cup of coffee until the cup cracked. we didn't say anything for about 10 mins while he just kept shooting his gun. then i asked him if he had anything to say, he said nothing. i drank the last of my coffee, spat out the bbs into his cup, then left.

another time with someone else, i was staying in his apartment with a friend while he was at his mom's house. after we broke up on the phone, i got bags and bags of balloons and bottles of wine. all night my friend and i drank wine and blew up hundreds of balloons to fill his apt. in the morning, i put his apt keys into one of the balloons and we left.

then there was the time that i said i love you, and she said she loved me too but had to go back to her long-time partner. i felt like shit for more than one reason.
also, that one time that my boyfriend cheated on me multiple times and then asked for an open poly-amorous relationship, the girl that he slept with dropped off flowers and a hand-made card at my place. that was confusing, and i still felt like shit.

last time, i changed out of my clothes and put on his clothes, jeans, shirt, sweater, socks, underwear, beanie before i left.

i'm still not quite sure if i'm doing this right, but i'm pretty sure i'm getting better at it.




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