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Saturday, September 30



we had a great day, Brendan and I.
the I-10 Eastbound between Austin and Houston in Texas is the most amazing stretch of road in the world. It offers the world, in fact: Zebras, Exhibitionism, bird storms, Africa, the new BARR record, and trees.
Drive it, you'll like it.
I am eating vegan. thanks to everyone for listening to the music.
appreciate your time.


Wednesday, September 27


BARR set

It is BARR's set. I shouldn't write this now. Hopefully he'll write during my set. I listen to him every night. We drive together in the day, I can't believe he tolerates my bullshit.




we're in oklahoma city at a kinkos waiting for ches and brendan to get an oil change. there is this woman who is soooo pregnant here that im worried about her. she locked her keys in her car but she doesnt seem to care all that much. david wanted to ask her if he could touch her stomach and i said that was a bad idea. jamie left to go to the store without telling me and i got mad for a second and then i realized its really not a big deal. i think im too sensitive about things, alot. i need to learn to let go.


Sunday, September 24


About 'The Air Force'

The About 'The Air Force' section has been updated, and is nearly complete.



absolutely nothing

hi we are in colorado and its really cold. i thought it would be warmer than this and im scared. i dont like snow. i dont like coats. some small child just said to jamie : " hey mister! nice windstar! do the seats fold down? anyway see ... it doesnt matter how cold it is if there are cute children everywhere trying to be our friends. please be careful with small children and driving in the snow. thank you.


Thursday, September 21

we go on tour today. i know it is forbidden to write about what is actually happening, but this is actually fucking happening.
we had to put our cat to sleep. she was very, very sick. i didn't expect to be so sad. i wrote a piece for her. i didn't know what else to do.
i am trying to learn it to play by say, st. louis.
i have WAY too much shit to do before i meet jamie, caralee and david in the trader joe's parking lot at 1:30.
i really have to go.
i love you.
enough about me, what about you?


Saturday, September 16


black neck stilt

today's haiku by
Kisei the mountain of goo 1764

since i was born
i have to die
and so...

last night i got an email from a person i had never met saying they were going to kill themselves but wanted to say hi first
i wonder if they did it
i hope not. it makes me feel a little crazy. partially for the obvious reasons and partially becuase i am not preoccupied with it in that it is on my mind every second but when i remember it makes me want to throw up. like an awful surprise.
too bad to you!!!! person on the edge or now off it that you are in a mess. be careful with your little body and don't do anything so horrible to it that it decides you do not deserve it and it turns off forever. good luck.


Friday, September 15


New Xiu Xiu Video

This is our video for our single "boy soprano" directed by Jose Perez III from the lp "the air force"


Wednesday, September 13


power trio in repose

today's haiku
1859 by Kasei the Metropolitan
the ash I leave behind
is just a moxa treatment
on the second of the month

sometimes you just have to say fuck it when you are supposed to be running errands and go bird watching half way through. i woke up and saw a black phoebe (la foret oh la foret oh la foret) outside my window which is unusual. it was a sign from the BIRD GOD NAMED QUANTI TWEET TO LIVE IN
~for the day~
black phoebe
great horned owl *
sooty shearwater* who was chasing
caspian tern like cazry
brown pelican
pelagic cormorant but in the black plumage juvenile phase hot teen
mallard which i have never seen in salt water
canadian goose
turkey vulture
black vulture* (maybe not but i swear maybe so)
great blue heron
semipalmated plover
long billed dowitcher so much bigger up close than i thought
short billed dowitcher
greater yellow legs*
black turnstone* i think i said AWESOME! out loud when i saw it
western sandpiper
northern phalarope winter plumage*
western gull
heermann's gull
california gull
mourning dove
brewer's black bird
red wing black bird
black headed grosbeak*
california towhee
california quail which sound so electronic
white throated sparrow*
*first time for me
also non flying sea lions CUTE A THON

at the gas station in cotati where i went when i got lost the huge guy behind the counter got into a serious bro down with the huge guy trying to buy beer who said "you are dead this is my town holmes"
they both went out side and looked like they were going to fist fight.
the beer guy had really ruined skin. it was pink and raw, like he had awful zits and had an awful sun burn
he had a really hot lady friend in the car. the guy behind the counter was actaully pretty fucking fat and was covered in tattoos. when huge huge huge men hit eachother does the world split open or is it like when 2 small thin waif dudes hit eachother but at a radically higher but evenly progressing ratio? waif dude punch = 1 giant = 20? does it feel like a 20 to the giant or does he obsorb (aka absorb) it cuz he deals in 20s? does a 1 hurt as much to the waif? does the waif live on the shoulder of the giant and wipe his gaint mouth and his giant tears and sweetly tell him little lies so he can get through the day? "giant you CAN dance!!!!! you really can baby..."

the new reocrd by bonus is crushingly wonderful. 3 long exploded tone pieces. supreme!!!! very excited about it.
twas the sound track past san quinten prison where the above maybe going if they fought or fucked in public.



choco taco and other delicious desserts


the hardest part about leaving for tour is the fact that somehow my cat knows and wont let me have any peace. she has spent the last two days following me around the house and scratching at my heels and meowing and knocking over glasses of water and looking at me like im really really mean. im not. i think she is way smarter than she really is and she knows that. its quite a power struggle.


Sunday, September 10



Here lies the new Xiu Xiu website.

It is divided into 3 sections:
1) A homepage blog which will be posted to by Jamie, Caralee, and Chet from Xiu Xiu and David, a photographer on the road with the band.

2) A Contacts page

3) A 24 part poster series based on the album, and xiu xiu called, About The Air Force

We hope you enjoy.




New Album
Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
House Sparrow
Hyunhye's Theme
Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
Falkland Rd.
The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

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