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Thursday, May 31


freddy poopert

please re-post this link. it is going to be taken down shortly.

download the never finished final this song is a mess but so am I album here.

yeah, freddy already played is final show. but i was in chicago, so i am going to book the reunion show this summer at a house party in the south bay. clues: fourth of july, hermosa beach, pennywise. see you there.



sensitive jim

why do you always present me as ugly? am i ugly?
do i just try too hard not to be ugly that you must make sure i know that, i, in fact am?


Wednesday, May 30

Xiu Xiu Polaroid Project #3Xiu Xiu Polaroid Project #3
Xiu Xiu Polaroid Project #3Xiu Xiu Polaroid Project #3



please tell me again you are taking good care of yourself

"She'd say, 'You didn't come last night and this morning I took it out on my plants, I didn't water them at all because of you; the garden will get ugly, you'll see.'"
-Blood of Requited Love, Manuel Puig


Sunday, May 27

jamie and caralee, move to LA.

look at this.





hotline #14

HOTLINE #14.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......
HAIRLINE #14..........!!!!!!!!!!!!......
SLIT LINE #14.............!!!!!!!!...




fuck oakland
i fucking hate this towne
to kill oneself in oakland is redundant



XXL Spicchiology?

it is hard as an american, if of a somewhat borish,middle class suburban , albiet of a freakishly desperate artistically inclined background to really present without being excessivly prosaic as to what it could mean to have, for the second time in one's life, two weeks to spend in a sublime foreign city. the only premeditated task at hand being, with good friends, to make a record about sadness and violence and history. well prosacism cannot be denied, it was, by God, in Italy.
Blood Oranges, the wrapper of being spiccio. the concerted study of, being Spicchiology?
as i type this i am watching an italien film about terrosism in italy in the late 1970s. i did not know anything about this time until the men of larsen told caralee and me about it over wine.
now in america it is all that washington says, "terror."
but they already knew and were ready to push past and through it again, holding our historyless hands.
before recording everyday i walked by a tower where that in the1300s the town excicutioner lived and where the bones of the people he was paid with taxes to behead were buried.
the oakland police department? please! werehouse shows? barf!
the souls of unbaptised infants live in the black painted and bured cathedral cum gallery where one of the three XXL guitarist curates art music shows. not to say that europe knows all but it has hurt itself for 2000 years and in america we have only just begun.
if the last XXL record was romanitc and fun , this one is broken and superior. look at your self! your matress is embarassed that you give it a job.
the farfisa is a real one, not a sampler. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!



ultra haiku of the day

toni morrison
poems are not a luxury they are as normal as bread.
to jump from the towers holding hands you have found the meaning of life. did the terrorist and the pilot hold hands? why is that so hard for you to believe and so easy for you to go war?
their whole lives was different, protecting themselves from marauding
white people.
black woman writer, oh so boring, so limiting white males french writer?
instead of accepting it i would force people to wear it and see what would happen. but black music is the distinguishing feature of american music.
i am repelled by being called a continent or a blunt fact, to talk about rank is an embarrassment it is just a way to not talk about the book, i am not beguiled but it.

v.s. naipaul.
the nihilist who wish to destroy the world have nothing to put into its place
fundamentalism leads to nihilism and- this leads to tyranny.
i am the sum of my books.
you have to write about people who are losing their way, even in the developing world.
no one here understands early Christianity

orhan pamuk
the army could extinguish the conservatives.
someone could shoot me in the street but
my national reputation has protected me but not a Kurd.
i am criticized for not being enough of a Turk but as soon as i am out of my country i am only a Turk.
i want to believe in this God who is making this beautiful snow fall from the sky.

amy tan
where, where are they, the ghost of her mother. it lives on my computer. hello are you there? do you miss me?



last yOU YOU YOU YOU YOYU YOU hotline #13

hotline #13 you you you you you you you you you you
this is the last remant of you
thank you you you you you you you you you you you

whom do you like to impersonate?
chris walken in pulp fiction watch up my ass part
whoppi goldberg
my father subconsciously
tracy edmondss bragging bout teenage gilrs like her
dave gahn while dancing
sonic the hedge hog
any douche bag
golliath from davey and golliath"oh davey" (cookabura davey)
my cat
bert babcock
anyone who will let me

what substance would you like to sink into?
my ass
my couch
bread pudding
marshmallow cream
peanut butter
bad news is a letter from the governmentsaying your son died in iraq my son who can't own his death. i dont have a son. i dont want to hear your depressive bullshit anymore.

what is your favortie magazine?
chariot garter
nylon feb 07 with yoko ono illlustration
pc gamer
uncut, (it thought this was a porn mag, always in the gutter)
nintendo power
ad busters
play girl
bitch, art forum (impersonating my fake self)
martha stewart
art forum
opera news

how much do you weigh? how much do you wish you weighed?
150 135
175/175 im a bull
250 /160
4 metric tons/ 3 lbs
alot/not alot
greater than the entire weight of xiu xiu at its most populace
180/ 140ish
245/110 both ridiculous

what is your best feature?
big lips
my eyes i hope
hair pattern around my nipples
scar on my lip (the hottest woman i have ever seen has a scar on her lip)
someone yelling at me
my tiny cock
fuck man my ass
ass because, well yeah
my face, come to london once for fucks sake only once then you can never come again
thumb nail
my left breast, its bigger than the right



Saturday, May 26



the last ever this song is a mess but so am i show is tonight. it is in los angeles. i am not in los angeles. i am in michigan and going to 1017 N. Western Chicago at 9pm. go to freddy's show. remember freddy ruppert, of this song is a mess, whose last show is tonight, forever and througout eternity, i like to poor milk over his nipples after he's been working out, he invented a TV reality show where if you can make your dad cum you will win $1 million. GO for it Freddy! cum cum cum!


Thursday, May 24


crooks for books

Dear Jamie S.,

Are you still sending books to prisons? Is Paris Hilton going to jail? I heard she was, but I don't really pay attention to that stuff. I hope she is. What books would you send to her?

I would send her this.



Wednesday, May 23


from far away

on the plane right now i am obsessivly remebering how our best text exchanges occur in this setting. (please please please write me back!!!) there is a mean and shakey panic batting me around as it begins to settle that the last glance of you getting on the bus was really the last glance.
the paliative lie will be to convince myself that my actual life is the time i spend working alone and staring straight ahead. which of course is not true.
waiting waiting waiting to being with you again.!....!!!......!!!!!!!!!!!..................................
our photo booth pictures fell out of the book i put them in. the flight attendant picked them up from the floor and really looked at them, "oh, she is not with you?"
your gang-sized knife was taken off the wall and ,"no she lives here."
is the point of being alive to have one's opinion of an entire city transformed for you AND then also to especially have THE infinte hope sweetly confirmed again and again and again? so dont worry.
to tie myself to you and this, i have to take your book out of the freezer and read it,
"but they hold my head underwater when i am tempted for air, hold my hand steady while i hold the razor, and love me."
please be take the greatest care when you are grasping in a dark field for additions to your stick collection. that is why. this is real, i already missed something new about you; you have a stick collection.
if i don't talk to you soon i am going to do something desperate. please call me too much. it took less than one day to be reduced and emboldened into this state.
muther of fuck i am missing everything about you so bad.



i think ches is going to quit the band

What is Dave Matthews listening to?

Matthews tells us about Xiu Xiu, the experimental indie project of Californian singer-songwriter Jamie Stewart, who, Matthews says, Tim Reynolds turned him on to. “There’s something about it where you can’t put it down,” he says. “It’s like crazy person music, but it’s really slammin’ and it’s really beautiful. He’s a little bit precious maybe — and ‘a little bit’ may be understating it — but there’s something about it that I go back and I listen to it again, and I like it.”

okay you dont believe me? check it out for yourself

please pray for us


Monday, May 21


in john berger's house too. i went w/ mary. we knocked on the door and his wife answered. he was in paris. she let us in. we drank coffee with her and talked. it was raining outside. if you look out the window there is a pear tree. i think he wrote about that pear tree in a letter to subcomandante marcos. i think. somewhere. a pear tree. we drank the 'water of life.' alchohal from fermented pears and apples outside the window. the USA is here ToDAY.

fuck paris


Sunday, May 20


i was thinking about you mr. wiggles



Saturday, May 19



NICE JOB DEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i did it. i'll tell you about it later. now i'm in iceland. lets walk along the wall.



celebrity soccer benefit with the ramones

"sometimes snow fell, and sometimes darkness"
sheikh galip


Friday, May 18



Thursday, May 17



Tuesday, May 15


i shouldn't care, i don't care, but how could i resist?  i clicked on that person's myspace link.  20 year old military wife! Your baby will grow up to be an anarchist and kidnap movie stars!

sitting on your ass and whining about the world screwing you over - as well as joining the military because of your economic situation the later is also a component of the aforementioned "getting screwed over."  It's an easy solution to a problem because, like sitting around and whining, you don't have to make any decisions yourself. it's an offer: your life is fucked, why not contribute to the world getting fucked so more people can get fucked. why try to make your own choice? your own choice, what is that? a decision? are people capable of that?

blah!  blah!  blah!

so many people are like statues, they are just static and they whither away.  or, maybe they are like corpses, and they just rot.  i want a world where people are alive and full of excitement and unpredictability.  a world of spontaneity and play.

i won't be crying when you all staty dying - HR.

tres ciento is on the same continent of D2.



proud army wife

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Proud Wife!!!
Date: 13 May 2007, 16:37

I would just like to express my appriciation for your song support the troops. The steriotype of a jock wanting to kill somebody really made me happy to know that entertainers like you support steriotyping the masses. I would also like to express appriciation to point out that everyone in the armed forces kills people. There are truly no medics in the army, airforce, Navy or Marines. You might ask why I am so pleased to hear that you have pigeon holed this profession. The reason is, is that it makes my job a lot easier. See when you have chosen to remain so ignorant and idiotic. You make it easy to call you a bunch of fucking retards!!!! My husband is in the Military, after spending years being picked on and beaten. After being told that he could not attened school any longer because his selfish parents didn't save money for him for college. He decided to join the army instead of sitting on his ass and whining about how the world screwed him over. He is a medic that means that he saves lives instead of taking them. What are you doing? I am sure you have recieved countless e-mails from 18 year olds releshing in tails of how you tell "the truth" and "it has helped them through a lot" rest assured that all the men that you have trashed in this song have actually saved someone's life instead of complaining about it like a little bitch. It is quite amazing though because I am a Vegan who does not believe in the murder of anything for sport or any kind. But after listening to your song I would love for nothing more then to take you shoot you in the leg then an arm then leave you to suffer occassionally pouring salt on you wounds and ultimatly shoot you in the making sure to hit it at just the right angle so that I can see your brains spray all over. Your song is disgusting I hope they one day you may realize the horrible atrocity you have commited.

proud army wife

hello proud army wife,

my name is caralee. i really dont care that you are a vegan. i really dont care that you wish me dead. im sure that your guilt for supporting such an awful useless war has made you wish yourself dead. see, your husband, though he is a medic, saves the men that support our troops is about, murderers. your husband saves the lives of people who kill babies? how does that make you feel? oh also i dont care that your husband was too lazy and too stupid to figure there are such things as grants and student loans to go to college. see my parents were like his as you put it were too selfish to save money for my going to college. see some people work really hard to go to college. see even though your husband is a white male american (probably the easiest person to be on earth) he couldnt have the balls to work hard to finish school, no no, he had to join the army so he could support killing. do you think people from iraq have an easy time getting into college? especially when they are terrified for their lives everyday? hmmm i really didnt want to write back to you, seeing you wish me dead (such a great vegan!) and i probably shouldnt waste my time on such a bored, lonely, pathetic person, but maybe just maybe you will someday wake up after a couple of years and realize that everyhing you believe in is total horse shit. see i believe that people can change there lives and become better people. maybe someday you can too. i hope for this for the sake of humanity.

caralee mcelroy
proud member of xiu xiu


so if anybody wants to write to this woman heres a link to her myspace profile :

i wouldnt usually give someone this much attention, but she did say she wants to kill us...



lined out hymnody from southeastern kentucky

nothing can ever be as shocking as life. except writing.
-ibn zerhani


Sunday, May 13


»One Hundred Things With Handles« by Simon Lewandowski.


Saturday, May 12


finding john berger is going to be hard. how the hell do you get into the french alps without a car? ahhhhhhh.



hardest ever!!!!!

mario for mcelroy



ltn. mcguinness

when you fall on a hand grenade that is thrown into your humvee and in so doing save 4 of your comrades in arms, do you do so out of heroisism or out of guilt?



hotline temp suspend

hotline #13 is temporarily off until arounDDDDDDDDDDDD the end of may but it shall return.
current answers will be treaured and relayed backto the written world
sorry for the delay flower devil
my new name is gorgela
i like to eat flesh and honey
it is as if the the crack within the earth where i dwell has reopened and reminded me to return, to swim in the lava once again and peel back the skin of the condmemmed, to inhale the smoking blood of human sewage and to crush the wicked earths foundational boulders between my knotted thighs
EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ponygirl has been taking supplements for close to three days. I will skin her and throw her in the fire and use her coat to shield my own naked body from the crackling fire.

I am drinking sekt and fresh squeezed oranges. It is making me red in the face and uncoordinated. The problem with (un)coordination is that it's all relative.

Who wants to be a VJ for when XiuXiu goes minimalist electro and starts playing at berlin clubs until 11 in the morning? BRING ME MY CLUB MATE!!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 9


Justice Vs. Power - Chomsky Vs. Foucault, Part 2

who lives in iceland? email me: - I am coming on a two day layover on a weekend in May. What should I do? I need secret hot springs and desolate cliffs - i need night skies filled with a brilliant green and rotten shark - i need to be drunk in the city and be atop a lighthouse in the northwestern region somewhere, you know, because i sure don't.


Tuesday, May 8


haiku of the day

by james the wiggler circa 2007

all preferences
see the back of the dolls head
that is us waiting



yOU YOU YOU YOU YOYU YOU hotline #13 post it

just to clarify
the answers to the questions in you you you you you you you you you are not from anyone in xiu xiu they are from people who call in to the hotline and answer
thanks yoU!!!!!!!!!!uoy sknaht



my website doesn't work, fuck the world!


go here and get some free mp3s from that boredom art show that happened years and years ago. there is some new stuff up.


I had this idea to make "digital books" - files that you can download for free and give to your friends. So, this is the first - a TEST. These ones are single page PDF files. One is 'Xiu Xiu Polaroid Project #3.' The other is 'Xiu Xiu Tour Photo Book #5.' The concept was that the files at full zoom would be huge, so you would have to nagivate through it with your monitor like it was a magnifying glass. Unfortunetely, you can zoom out. So, please don't zoom out! ZOOM IN and look at all the photos. The second one at full zoom is actually the exact size of a small billboard.

Xiu Xiu Polaroid Project #3
Xiu Xiu Tour Photo Book #5 (digital version)

these were designed by her.


and also, i just made this book in the time the tour ended and the time i go far far far far far far far away tomorrow. Some of the photos were from Xiu Xiu tours.


Monday, May 7


hotline #13 you you you you you you you SUCK FUCKING COMPUTER!!!!

ok this fucking blows
i did almost the whole thing but i was typing it as i was listening to the messages and erasing them one at a time
then, almost all the way done, my computer crashes and it is lost
i am very very very sorry there we so many hilarious and bleak and creative answers
only 3 survived
sorry sorry sorry

what is your favorite movie?

masculine, feminine

who would you like to assassinate?

george bush
hire someone to assassinate me the moment after i am inaugurated as the first woman president
ann coulter

can you keep a secret?

depends on the dough

what are you good at?

giving head, everyone says so
remaking american gothic
pretending i am ok

what can you swallow?

semen, i said i was good and it is rude not to
12 cups of coffee, now i feel like shit

new questions up now



this is real.




so today i was reading on one of the xiu xiu message boards, the shzine one, that there was a debate about the line from crank heart " her school colors, black and light black". its actually a line about jamies mother when she was in student council in highschool she was trying to get the school colors changed to black and light black. just a little xiu trivia for you. also jamies mom is super awesome for that (duh).

ive tried like a million times to post on that message board but i think you have to be really good at computers to do it...


Sunday, May 6


last night i dreamt somebody loved me worlds collide

driving to my sisters today , she lives about 2 hours away, i listened to "strangeways here we come" 3 times on a row. i recently read a smiths articile where it was agreed upon by the band that it was all four member's favortie. this record came out when i was 16 and living in the valley in LA and going to granada hills high for 11th grade. my only friend then, i recently reconnected with, at of all places, our last show in los angeles. she commented that she was happy that i had not grown up.
(read, bemused) i was a virgin then and remained one until december 2006 when at 34, my maiden head was swept away in a bathroom at a tranny drance club in torino. it was wonderful to hold the door shut with one hand and hold the ass of my dreams with the other hand. the owner of this ass comes from the valley too and i think that is a big part of why we understand eachother. during this drive i stopped at a gas station and wierdly there was a woman, close to my age cranking from her car stereo the xiu xiu song, "i luv the valley" about said valley. at that time, at 16, there were 2 girls at school who i only remember seeing for a month who had written in huge sharpie marker across thier wrists and throats and ankles, CUT HERE, with stitch marks and cross hatches. then they were gone, both of them. they stuck very close and did not talk to anyone else. where are they? i have been thinking of getting a tatoo of "desperate" on my neck. the worst and best idea ever. it reminds me of all them. i won't share you.


Saturday, May 5


sorry make that

shiren the wanderer


Friday, May 4


WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!?


When I was in middle-school,
I had a group of friends,
we wore jean jackets and sunglasses and listened to Duran Duran.
There were 6 of us so when we played it didn't add up, you see- everybody had a Duran Duran boyfriend but me.




a very close friend of mine's parent's business
was ruined by an arsonist.
if you are the type, please send prayers or telepathy to the Seo family.



hotline # 13 # 3 you you you you you you you yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooouuuuuuu

you you you you you you you you you #3

favorite exclamation
fuck adenoid !
horse shit!
fucking hell batman!
sausage universe!
i wanted to shit that way!
its gettin hard ya'll

what body part do you want to cut off?

vestigial tail
legs so i can ride in a wheelchair and make more money
nose to spite my face sucka
liver cuz it hurts
my head

where do you want to die?

with my head in my hands
in a forest so i can decompose naturally
in sherwood forest
at a xiu xiu show (me too!)
with my head in the oven
in tom cruises bed
on a plastic surgeons table when he is cutting off mu coccyx

what is is your favorite hybrid animal?

cabbits ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
mule as is it is forbidden by Leviticus
human with a whale baleen on hits face so it look like a mustache
horse with an asses body
field mouse with bee wings
vomit wolf
balls with no dick
grace jones

what is your favorite game?
armoured core (BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
honey if you love me will you please smile
dirty scrable
mad libs by el duche
candy land
sorry (the person who said this was canadian so it sounded well, sooooooooo canadian)
i don't play games jerk

new ?s posted as of this second




Thursday, May 3


recounting the dream from lastnight's sleep.

It was a strange dream I had last night. I don't remember if I had it before my sleep was interrupted by Jamie's phone-call, or after. Here it goes: I was with Caralee inside some sort of mart. It was most likely the kind at a gas station. She bought what she had to buy (probably cigarettes) and proceeded to take a can of either ice tea or lemonade (do they even make canned lemonade?) and walked out. But, this is where it is confusing because it was not your normal straight-foward act of shoplifting. There was something tricky to it. Like, maybe she took a display can - or maybe she thought it was free or something. So, as we were leaving there was some ambiguity in the air as to whether or not she was stealing. We walked out the door to the van that Carla Bozulich was driving (she was at the last show in LA, see polaroid below). A tumultuous opening of the door occurred behind us, and we turned around to find the clerk running after us for the thievery. We ran to the van. The lady caught up with us and got in an altercation with Caralee. Carla, acting in the spontaneity of the moment, decided to drive the van at the lady who was yelling at Caralee. I turned my head as the car swerved toward her vulnerable body to avoid seeing the bloody run-over of the the gas-station-mart-clerk. When I turned my head back and opened my eyes, preparing to see a bloody pulp of a body on the ground, I was shocked to see the lady standing up like nothing had happened. She must have went beneath the car, or jumped out of the way - though, it seemed unlikely seeing how fast and close the van was. I then turned to the van, and Caralee and I watched as Carla drove straight into, what I think was a Toys R Us, shattering the glass store-front and disappearing inside. We believed this to be unintentional, her foot must have still been on the gas when she had acted to destroy the lady yelling at Caralee. Then I woke up.

That was a true post-tour dream.


Wednesday, May 2



it is pointless to just post one person's answers. there are parts of several peoples answers.

what is you favorite name?
Giuseppe, i had a watermelon eraser named Giuseppe when i was a kid. i named it so my mom would not throw it out

what are you bad at?

telling my shrink the truth. i am having an affair with my married roommate and i think if i tell my shrink this he will want to have an affair with me also
not worrying
walking up stairs, but i am a choreographer. this is ridiculous

what is your escape portal?

my roommates husbands bed when she is out of town
my best friend amber
a tunnel of dried vines
bars, any bars
hero's highway where they drag the wounded iraq war vets under a hangar of flags (please send those photos!!!!!!!!!!!)

do you like to do it?
too much
i am too busy but at times i put my cock into a greasy bag a stuff it between 2 couch cushions and hump my couch
(to the person who said they want to do it with me. i am no longer available. but talk to the couch guy. he seems down for anything. you will love him)
no not really too much pressure

what do you recommend?
looking at the hudson strait at 4pm. it stops moving and changes current direction. all of NYC is exploding with business but the massive river halts for a moment.
sharin the wanderer
steering clear of intravenous drugs

new questions up on the hotline.



BERLINer hosen

le petit gela


Tuesday, May 1


this is how xiu xiu writes songs (at night in the car with one beer):

Xiu Xiu Polaroid Project #3 (Los Angeles)


xiu xiu polaroid project #3 (?)

I've got 590 polaroids that hopefully i'll sort out today and mail off.

Jamie, Caralee, Ches: does anyone know where the above photo was taken? It was at a rest-stop. It must have been before Philly, before the girls came, but I can't remember? Maybe in the Carolinas?




New Album
Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
House Sparrow
Hyunhye's Theme
Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
Falkland Rd.
The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

Buy on iTunes


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