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Monday, March 31


brandon thank you metal heads

bjork covered by fancy pants (humans)


Saturday, March 29

So today, Saturday March 29, from 8pm to 9pm, has been designated by somebody (or somebodies) somewhere as 'earth hour.' The point is to just turn things off for an hour. Simple and to thew point, and possibly even effective. Now, whoever these somebodies are who came up with this isn't the point--it makes sense and can't hurt, and might even help. So turn this shit off--now. Go for a walk, watch the moonrise, talk face to face with a real person, have sex with a real person (or yourself), sing yourself a few songs, throw rocks at oppressive inanimate representations of the military-industrial complex. Just turn your shit off, and rely on your own energy for an hour or so.
p.s.--We will be playing a show tonight, but not playing in the designated hour. And if the opening band tries to film a starbucks commercial in that hour, we will find the plug and pull it.



i have but two thoughts:
supplication before my filthy and dark mistress
wait for it...



D2's footage from D2's new school

if anyone has more footage please post it!



ya basta

just don'
please please please don't anymore
call 1 800 dial a goblin and have it drive my corpse away in a wheel barrow and drop it into a salt mine


Friday, March 28



Thursday, March 27


there is nothing i can say, there is nothing i can do PANDAPPLE AND CRAB APPLE!!!!




Did anyone capture the D2's on video at Bard college?

Please upload it to Youtube. It was like the Sex Pistols. Or maybe May '68. Or, even further back, The Paris Commune.

History ceased, and nothing existed except maybe Caralee trying to rape me and Jamie's guitar getting knocked into the drums.


Wednesday, March 26

I Do What I Want When I Want VIDEO MAGAZINE

Issue 9: Tea, Wine and Chocolate with Eugene Robinson

eat it or wear it!




download this video


Monday, March 24



Saturday, March 22



it's official:

the D2s are playing their first show at Bard college in about an hour. we need cheap beer.

borderline, and thus spoke borderline, sings about nietschezezeze.

also: iheard everyone is tripping at the show, the d2s are going to give you a bad trip. it's my birthday tomorrow.

temporary autonomous zone: google




So I've been giving away free anarchist pamphlets and literature from the merch table every night. The good news is I've distributed a lot of propaganda by the word, the bad news is I have run out of pamphlets. So, if there are any friends of shwee out there sympathetic to anarchism--or anarchist comrades sympathetic to XX--who have pamphlets or other lit they want to donate to the Cause, please bring them to an upcoming show and I'll put 'em out on the table.
(Note: real stuff only, no Zerzan or Bob Black revisionist rubbish please.)
Thanks, Devin

(Check out the Kate Sharpley Library and AK Press for some good stuff:;


Friday, March 21


re: gender and democratic presidential ticket

by hyunhye seo



thank you!!!!!!!!! (i mailed the pen home already)


Thursday, March 20


new video mag article -no face- on

                take me away from here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



write on wall

write on wall


Tuesday, March 18


fly a kite

fly a kite in san francisco

please download that file to you computer and forward it to everyone you know, and tell them to forward it, even to people not in the SF area, to anyone.


be subversive.

oh, i am going to bard on saturday, so, you can bring polaroids there too. i heard they don't let parents into the dorms when they visit to look at the campus. they said it's b/c all the students do drugs. is this true? prove it!



photos #2 (responding to caralee's last photo post)

xiu xiu # 2

xiu xiu # 2

xiu xiu # 2







devin hoff destroy the bass


Saturday, March 15



you talk like a monster

fill the manhole with your thoughts. your thoughts of men and of women

eat it like you want to change you life. 
                            more food is the answer!!!!!!!!!






Ames IA





Friday, March 14


»Big Crunch Clock« (2005) is a digital clock that counts backwards the five billion years left before the sun explodes. It has 20 numbers: from the billions of years to the tenths of a second, and it is designed to be able to function with solar energy - the same energy that will one day destroy it. By Gianni Motti.


Hey, so just a reminder that March 19th, which is next Wednesday, is the 5th anniversary of the war on Iraq.  It seems like we all keep forgetting that the United States government is engaged in an ongoing war of occupation.  All occupation is terrorism, since it can only be brought about and sustained through violence and physical intimidation of the occupied people.  What should we, who live within U.S. borders and in whose name these ongoing crimes are being committed, do about it?

"Not a day without a word: against the war, against the peace, and for the social revolution." --Luigi Galleani



2:52 am (cts)

In a small college town in Iowa.  We managed to escape the jocks somehow.  Kids took a good amount of the free anarchist pamphlets I put on the merch table, which makes me happy, and I met a couple of  fabulous gentlemen who made me feel not quite so alone. Caralee and I are contemplating brewing a fresh pot--caffeine is still the best drug.  


Thursday, March 13


music stores

Here are a few drum stores--ma and pa style--worth visiting:

Sam Adato's Drum Shop, San Francisco, CA
Best Music, Oakland, CA
The Trading Musician, Seattle, WA
Main Drag Music, Brooklyn, NY
Hollywood Professional Drum Shop, Los Angeles, CA
Fork's Drum Closet, Nashville, TN

one time my friend Link asked a Guitar Center employee working the door how his day was going.  He responded, "great--up to my ears in gear."
We almost got out of there without hearing something lame.



For Aubry



this is what i say (response #1, 2 for ches smith!)

xiu xiu response 1

xiu xiu response 1



Wednesday, March 12


what do you have to say d2?





soon i will see you


dream tea



video magazine

there is a new video magazine post on

it is called death of a raqoon or racoon or rock oon or rock on!




dear A. thank you

I cannot remember if I wrote to you about this or not, because it took place shortly after I checked out of my hospital stay during Winter Break. I was hanging out with my mother who is about the worst influence I've ever met, but this is not the point. I was dropping some papers off at my job and there were recruiters hanging around. They had already been asked to cross the street because the company I work for owns all of the parking spaces and property on the side they had already tried. I was on my new meds (just a new mood stabilizer, and an anti-depressant). Also, since I was on a little vacation from work I'd drank a few beers. Yes, in the middle of the day. I guess I was feeling extra brave due to the booze and my beliefs that don't really have room for annoying people that sign younger people up to kill others. I acted interested at first and asked what the qualifications were. I can't remember all the information I was given, but I do remember saying something along the lines of... I just got released from a state mental institution (which was true, you see I have no such health coverage that would cover a stay in a hospital like that). They then asked if I was on any medications and I said yes: 5mg Abilify, and 90mg Cymbalta. I am not sure why I was so honest with these assholes, I guess I just wanted to see just what sort of damaged 20 year old college students the army accepts. They said they would need me to stop taking my meds, because war can be very traumatic, and they'd need me to be clear headed to handle a combat situation. I pretended to understand how my moods being unstable would make me a better killing machine, maybe it would. I don't know. They started creeping me out while I wrote down my address "666 Fake Street, Ponca Shitty, OK,", etc. Finally, I wrote FUCK YOU, Douche Bags and walked back to the car. My mother applauded and laughed and my giving of my information and we drove away.

I will be going to the April 2 show in OKC. Can't wait to see you guys. I have a Xiu Xiu coloring I made while I was on my little vacation, and maybe some photos, too.



on tour

I think I am on tour now. I am experimenting with blogging from my phone. Unfortunately I have a land line only. Fortunately, I can travel on airplanes pretty good at this point.
Speeders: beware of Wyoming.


Tuesday, March 11


SLC punks





Monday, March 10




Friday, March 7


Never Fur-get



the final blow, get fucked up, burn



New Album
Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
House Sparrow
Hyunhye's Theme
Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
Falkland Rd.
The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

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