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Saturday, February 28


The snow of yesterday
that fell like cherry pedals
is water once again.
FUCK IT AND FUCK YOU!i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



plants and animals. so, freddy please don't die.


Friday, February 27


thank you robert

It is like that lady that bought a pair of Oprah's shoes and she would stand in them when she was depressed and it made her feel better, and she went on Oprah and Oprah cried. They are immensely important personal and cultural artifacts!



xiu shoes

So, i do not dress well. i know this.
i would like to but i hate to shop. it makes me so anxious i would rather endure wearing the same clothes and be boring for years.
however i am obsessed with shoes. it is the only article of clothing that i take care in.
but i blew it. i started wearing new balance running shoes all the time. the most indie rock, lazy fucking shoes ever. they do the job in terms of going to the gym but for a boy like me who has nothing else to fall back on i just look like the true unsartorial slob that i might actually be.
this subject has been breached on a xiu xiu message board. it was too much. i must look down in order to look up.
a few people posted some "suggestions" and i am considering some new ideas as well.
is this too dumb?
is this too gay? is it not gay enough?
am i too insecure?
yes to all of these yet shoe gaze i must...
any thoughts?
on afghanistan? oh God...


Thursday, February 26


there is a little mouse, an abused little mouse...



10 < 10 > 10 interview series #10 with Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core

run away, i hate to say it but you must get out of here right now before xiu xiu gets you via... thee....

10 < 10 > 10 interview series

10 questions to more than 10 people that takes less than 10 minutes to answer.

this series does not ask why, only what!
be brief and live your life far from the computer!

#ten with - Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core

1 what sound would you be happy to never hear again?

Certain peoples' voices, bleating catchphrases of theirs, or those
weird little "signature" emotive noises that people make.

2 what do you do when you are feeling self destructive?

I used to do a lot more overtly physical and/or violent stuff, but
over the years I've learned to swallow/internalize it, which then
results in bad habits which amortize the destruction. It's not even
activity like smoking and drinking so much as a particular attitude
which develops

3 what nut, fruit, or vegetable would you use to build your castle?

Maybe the durian since it provides some pretty impressive defense
capabilities -- super-hostile outside with a flesh inside that isn't
incredibly desirable to begin with. And, if I do feel like
dismantling my castle I can sell off the parts to gourmands.

4 what is/was your favorite controlled/palliative substance?


5 what do you want to see when you look at the sky?


6 what about yourself physically do you want to change?

The power of invisibility.

7 what item that is not food, do you wish was food?

My hands.

8 what do you want to be free of?

Right now, food coma.

9 what book do you want to read but have not yet?

"Why Work Sucks And How To Fix It: No Schedules, No Meetings, No Joke
-- the Simple Change That Can Make Your Job Terrific"

10 what deformity do you find attractive?

Large dorsal humps of the nose.


Tuesday, February 24


how faraway are you?


my head will explode into infinity.
i am doing this in MARCh.
come and join us.
look here.
if you live somewhere in our route,
we will stop at your house
you can host an event
anywhere (house/party/church/cemetery/hill/pool/gallery/bar/school/preschool show and tell/naked place/place of love/ chinese fast food)
just email the contact on the site, and we will come to you
also made a FB page for it.


Monday, February 23


it has been awhile but now it is clearly, all things considered below, time for.... haiku del dia!

Fields dying off: Kiete yuku
the underside of grasses frozen no mo uragare no
hour of my death. hotoke kana



don't fuck with the red bean






Saturday, February 21


love cry short heart by tonya #2 charles njuguna



Thursday, February 19


that is what miss rosa heard. nobody knows what she thought.




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