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Wednesday, October 31


haiku of the day

haikuzzzgh of the day by jaime the II of your mom's cuchilla circa 2007

run in spanish dawn
bird songs twlight mania
cruising had not stopped

would it be a wastE
to write the last line in whitE
you will never know

candy fawn


Monday, October 29

wolf eyes frog eyes deer eyes deer hunter deerhoof peoplefeet - asobi seksu at the same merch table when ben gave me a pot brownie at the stupid riot fest (who mylinh designed the poster for, but they never paid her design firm b/c the guy in charge of that went over budget so he got fired and the riot people decided not to pay the people who designed the posters that they used) - shit, what was the point of this post?

when i have an orgasm the first thing i think of is the plate of food in one of the scenes in scent of a green papaya.



we will be in spain at the tanned tin festival with the following-


haiku of the day


haiku of the day by jamie the logan the huge circa 2007

dont give up this time
there is a fog within us
but that is not all


Friday, October 26

This is the room, the start of it all,
No portrait so fine, only sheets on the wall,
I've seen the nights, filled with bloodsport and pain,
And the bodies obtained, the bodies obtained.

Where will it end? Where will it end?
Where will it end? Where will it end?

These are your friends from childhood, through youth,
Who goaded you on, demanded more proof,
Withdrawal pain is hard, it can do you right in,
So distorted and thin, distorted and thin.

Where will it end? Where will it end?
Where will it end? Where will it end?

This is the car at the edge of the road,
There's nothing disturbed, all the windows are closed,
I guess you were right, when we talked in the heat,
There's no room for the weak, no room for the weak.

Where will it end? Where will it end?
Where will it end? Where will it end?

This is the room, the start of it all,
Through childhood, through youth, I remember it all,
Oh, I've seen the nights filled with bloodsport and pain,
And the bodies obtained, the bodies obtained, the bodies obtained.

Where will it end? Where will it end?
Where will it end? Where will it end?


Thursday, October 25


Chest Pump

Vince Taylor

"Shortly thereafter, the band grew in size for an upcoming gig, by adding two new musicians, Ivan Jullien (trumpet) and Bob Garcia (saxophone). However, several days before the concert Vince and Stash went back to London for a gig where they met Bob Dylan, Nico and a few other people from the Acid Rock scene. A mixture of acid, amphetamines and alcohol proved fatal to his mind and in front of a full house, on the brink of becoming a huge international star, he had a break down - coming on stage and trying to evangelize the audience, he claimed to be the prophet Matthew, and he preached until the band agreed with everything he was saying. The audience pretended not to understand, thinking that it was part of the show. But after 15 minutes and a few poorly executed songs, he began to wreck the whole stage like The Who, but this was before the set was even played."

"According to David Bowie, Taylor was the main inspiration for Bowie’s song Ziggy Stardust."



For Mike


Wednesday, October 24


so much more i wanted to say in the temporal death.

i hate resurrections. i like deaths for infinity. this moment is the moment of all. in an alternate world, where the internet was invented 50 years earlier, you can read the blogs of the pilots of the enola gay and the people of hiroshima simultaneously. we speak to suddenly, and then retract, and then edit the blog. but maybe you screenshotted it before the edit. there is no truth only different versions. it rained, and they wouldn't let me on the bus to breezy point. fuck the restriction. i don't know what breezy point is. freddy from this song is a mess is in the new id watching barr and car clutch.

i just made this with my friend, download our free photo magazine.

click here to download the new xiu xiu album


His name was Perry
He had a learning difficulty
His father was a very mean man
His father burned his skin
His father send him to his death
He was ten years old
He was ten years old
He was ten years old

Her name was Naomi
Beautiful round face, so ashamed
Told me how to please a man
After school in the back of a bus
She was doing it every day
She was eleven years old
She was eleven years old
She was eleven years old

Her name was Sheryl
Black hair, like an electric space
She would pretty paint my face
She was a very good friend
Her father would come to her in the night
She was twelve years old
She was twelve years old
She was twelve years old

His name was Donovan
He was a very good friend
The cards were stacked against him
He was selling cocaine
The last time I saw him
He was thirteen years old
He was thirteen years old
He was thirteen years old

His name was Charles
He said he was in love with me
We were both fourteen
Then I had to move away
Then he begin to smoke crack
Then he had to sell ass
I don't know where he is
I don't know where they are



HAIKUzzzzzzzssssssssssss OF THE DAY

aka JIMMGH la la finger nun!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't crash on your bike
will i ever get enough
of you on the street

our costumes this year
write "fuck you" on a t-shirt
we have no money



dreams come true

so george the venerable chen had taken over care of the aforementioned doris the cat and just informed that she had run away
was she trying to tell me she was now dead in cat heaven?
when my granpa died he came to me in a dream too...
i dont know if he liked cats or not
i know he was a sailor
the new record is called "IRAN: A PEOPLE INTERRUPTED"




if this blog could be a different photo every few days then it would be my favorite blog.
Joe do you think we should just do that? At least for awhile, until the next record comes out?
the title of which is OH GOD I HATE MYSELF (dont steal this i will use it later)
I have told so many people about this dream. a dream about my former cat – DORIS –
She has caused me problems. She had given me affection.
Miguel depedro is mad at me I think because of her. But cats control us., right Marisa?
Right mcelmeow?
The dream is that hyunhye and I are sitting on my brother’s couch in NYC and looking out his window and there is a tree there and doris, the HUGE FAT BLACK CAT, who is superimposed on greg saunier in a photo I took that I will eventually give to him, is climbing in the leafless branches like a monkey and then she jumps through the window but It magically , dreamily does not break. She comes to us. Like a man in a costume of cat.
She wants to be touched and pet but she is bleeding out of her eyes and her ears. She has a huge gash on her back that is like a canyon or jerky scar.
I am freaking out.
Hyunhye and my brother tell me she is obviously not in any pain.
She is free. She is freecat. She is freaking out in cuddleberg, Canada.
I bought a paino for $1895.00. I really really really did not have the money for this but my goal is to be able to play Bach in one year. It is totally in tune. Unlike any piano you have ever heard on a xiu xiu record.
***(the new name from xiu xiu is OUI OUI)***
The days of the gamelan piano are gone.
Cory mcculloch I am sorry the piano is tune.
Laurenandrews I am sorry the tonite and today Is in tune
Yvonne chen I am sorry your brother Jorge is in jail FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam mickens I am sorry that you need new shoes
Jherek bischoff I am sorry your wigwam smells like smoke.


Wednesday, October 17





Thursday, October 4

xavier cha
jiha moon
ala ebtekar




Wednesday, October 3


philip ezbaum has committed suicide, farewell....

these are the song titles for our new record

1)panda gets knife fucked by bunny
2)bunny gets cock splayed by caterpillar
3)caterpillar gets her boils popped by baby tiger
4)baby tiger claws johanna newsom in the vagina and causes a miscarriage
5)johanna newsom ghost baby genetically combines with a swarm of flies
6)ghost flies infest the hearts of two teen virgins about to have sex for the first time
7) they both get ghost AIDS and turn to fuck zombies for the cause of purity
8)phillip watches the sun rise NEVERMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, October 2



I am at work talking to this business customer, and she was yelling at
someone called Hercules. I asked her if she was talking to her pet,
and she said yes, Hercules is a Pit Bull. I told her that I have cats,
and that my roommate had Yorkies, which were like cats, then she said
that the only reason she bought a Pit Bull was that her husband is
going to Iraq, and that if someone breaks into her house the Pit Bull
will get them. THEN, she said "why are you e-mailing me, GOD"?! She
then proceeded to tell me how her ex-husband used to beat her!
I just thought that the Iraq part was comical, then she threw in the
beating husband part, and so it made me wonder how she ended up
re-married to someone that is going somewhere else to probably kill
other people.
People confuse me so MUCH, and I don't even know this lady. I just
don't see the logic. Someone else used to physically abuse her, so now
she is married to someone that is signed up for something else that
involves actually killing others?!
I think maybe I just have a friendly voice, and so complete stangers
feel OK about telling me their mini-life stories.
OK, end rant. I am ready to go home to my cat that is totally
anti-war, and is not to trained to kill possible intruders.


Monday, October 1


pettibon at zwirner



I do believe that you are one of the most petrified rocks that I have ever encountered on the enumerations that enable us to expand the notable nobles. How often, I ask, have I scissored up and died in a crowd unaware of everything when how and why not ask someone who doesn't mind asking questions about why they came here in the first place? Your music is what I use to brush my teeth to, it keeps my hygiene clean and green...yes

Although you soon will forget, I designate thee, the humble, iron, Penderecki Jr. Wear this badge proudly and show Jamie and tell him that it means something even though it was asked of a thousand souls. but that doesn't matter when love is there where there is love. Ah, you understand too much, my friend!

Check this, Ches, I say that thee hath done thou programmeth a plentious posture of pocketed portions go to the ape bananqanananas corporation. Do not eat them Ches, they are not real. They will taste good and then lead you to the innervoid. Decide? Yes. No? You must see clearly and play as you did in durham because that is where xiu xiu changed my life.

I love you all.
Come visit me.



i love you greg

Now Austrian Air has no vegetarian option, but if there were any beef dish in this universe that was going to tempt John and me back to carnivorousness, this Austrian Air lunch was not it. However, they did have the most striking plane interior I've ever seen - the color scheme between the chairs, the floor, and the wait staff were all coordinated in light blue, green, and red in such a way as to make me want to alter our lighting on stage from then on. The only thing out of place in this dayglo melange was the passengers!




New Album
Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
House Sparrow
Hyunhye's Theme
Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
Falkland Rd.
The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

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