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Friday, August 31



ok, you know the usual, i don't sleep. here's the next photo-book i made, put out by glaciers of nice in los angeles, photos from a non-xiu xiu tour i was making out on:


also - the 4th picture disc in my series is coming out soon. check that same link for more info. you know that series? xiu did one. jamie did one. flying buddha did one.

my mom told me i have a non-traditional life style b/c i don't have a 9-5 job that gives me health insurance.

i wanted to tell her:

well, how traditional is the concept of work?
and, if we can call that traditional, wouldn't being a vagabond, a vagrant, a roamer - wouldn't that have a longer more vibrant history and tradition than work? people were doing that before agriculture.
how does tradition work, anyway?
i guess it's just a set of rules within a certain circumstance that justifies the existence of that certain circumstance. fuck it.
wait, i am not saying i am a vagabond, i only made a point to counter work - if i were to say something, i guess it'd be: fuck it, the idea of work sickens me, DON'T DO IT, just sell photo-books through paypal! (i need a job in NY)


Thursday, August 30


haiku of the day

by jamie the quagmire AKA the french war in vietnam

paint me with glitter
our time together grows pale
that will shine it up


Tuesday, August 28


well do you?


hey, you can jump off a cliff
i'm just thinking out loud


Monday, August 27


xiu xiu polaroid ANP article

ANP Article

Yo People,

so, no more shirts for sale for now b/c i'm moving... and i need to sell stuff that i'm not taking w/ me... i got a stack of the ANP issue w/ the 6 page spread of xiu xiu polaroids. And I got a stack of xiu xiu picture discs that is sold out on Brendan Fowler's label. ANd the Picture-disc of Jamie's 12 year old pre-xiu xiu songs that he found on a tape.

check this page.


Saturday, August 25


a way in the world

it was hard to hold onto that romantic way of looking. i never had to do that as a child:pretend i was looking at the aboriginal island. no teacher or or anyone else had suggested that as an imaginative exercise. it was something i had fond myself trying to do, on visits, many years after i had gone away. and now, to leave the point, to travel back along the country roads, the overgrown cocoa estates with their weather grey-black cocoa dying houses, the villages with their little wooden or concrete houses in the dirt yards, to the crowded towns beside the highway, was to be taken back to a version of the colony i had known as a child. it was to be taken back to the old ways of feeling, where no moment of beginning, no past, seemed possible...




Thursday, August 23



i am back in LA after being in Oakland shooting/editing a video that will be on the new xiu xiu album. all i can say is this: FRUTOPIA!

and today a video i made for high places was debuted here.

I HAVE TO TYPE THIS: i just called jamie to tell him i want to mail him a check w/ cd's i need to mail him, so i don't have to mail him two seperate envelopes, so i can: hit two israeli tanks with one stone. haha, i am stupid.


Wednesday, August 22


re-shoot of duchamp

anthony McCall at SF MOMA

jamie inside Anthony McCall piece at SF MOMA. He thought it was cheasy until he entered it. We both thought we were dying, or maybe on LSD. I saw him talk w/ Uta and Jonathan Crary at UCLA a few months ago. You MUST GO.



eat it please:

i am in this show:

copy and paste, don't be lazy.


Tuesday, August 21


A attempt to selflessly eradicate one’s individual identity, 2006 by Jon Sasaki.



new video

the song we lip synch to is love will tear us apart
except i said "it apart" on accident
devin did the wrist clap
caralee hit me in the head very hard
ches put his finger down his throat



why one must steal.

i'm with jamie stealing internet from his neighbor.

do not covet thy neighbor's internet.


Friday, August 17


work in progress typography of the title.


Wednesday, August 15

i'm so tired if going to bed.



Bill Rosendahl, LA 11st District City Councilman, is set to introduce
a resolution before the Los Angeles City Council on Friday August
17th to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick



haiku of the day

haiku of the day by jamie the porthole circa 2007

i am so jealous
curious about your life
can you forgive me?


Sunday, August 12


meteor showers tonight.




Saturday, August 11



i saw carla bozulich play the smell 10 minutes ago. she said xiu xiu is one out of five bands in the whole world who she feels their fans would understand her. do you understand?

i got a message from nick in DS, he said: "i've got two questions, the first is what time does the show start? the second is what time does the show really start?" i was thoroughly amused.

i got an email from ches. it said: "everyone evacuate LA."


Friday, August 10


"deutschland hast thou redeemed thineself?" "its gonna need alot more lakes."

glaswaldsee- black forest


Thursday, August 9


Lamp by david taylor


Wednesday, August 8

High Places Soft Circle Lucky Dragons Tour


Monday, August 6


Sans titre, 2007 (copy of keys made out of glass) by Taysir Batniji.


Saturday, August 4


project 503

i am doing projections at 21 grand in oakland in about 45 minutes.





6 6 6th post

haiku of the day by jamie the coat check girl of hades deinhoff circa 2007

your horns smell like eggs
i could rub dust in your hooves
would you be less mean?


Wednesday, August 1


a glowing light bulb on your head

i was supposed to do projections here tonight. but there is no projector anymore. it will still go on.






New Album
Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
House Sparrow
Hyunhye's Theme
Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
Falkland Rd.
The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

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