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Monday, April 30



Cut leaves by Rory Macbeth.


Sunday, April 29

High Res File

everyone has already seen this photo, hopefully! i had super cheap laser prints available at the merch table. I have like 30 left. If you want them, you can have them for FREE! Just send me a self addressed stamped envelope. Email me and i'll send you my address: - only 30 left...

since the prints are super super super cheap, and who wants that?????? - i put the high res file on flickr. just click the above image, then click on "different sizes," then click on the biggest one and save it to your computer. you can make your own big prints (print it yourself on your computer, or take it a photolab on a CD and they'll enlarge it nicely), or do something creative..... i don't care what you do - put it/print it/ appropriate it wherever - no copyright, i won't sue you.

other note: i was able to heat up the hummus mold for one minute b/c mylinh was chatting and she just insipidly said "no stop no stop" and it lasted a whole minute in there. YUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that last post was by jamie if you didn't "get it"

"hi man" - the "man" is D2

mylinh's roommates left moldy hummus on the kitchen counter. it's so gross. i put it in the microwave and heated it up to see what would happen but she stopped it after 5 seconds.

did you know jamie keeps a jar of mold on tour for good luck? it is from rotten tofu from when he was in japan. that was like 4 years ago. it is bright orange like the color of tangerines. i once tried to open it but jamie stopped me and gave me an hour lecture on why I shouldn't open it. He said it is poisonous. I tried to do scientific research to see if it would actually be dangerous, and not just gross. I got as far as wikipedia. I changed the mold article to say that tofu mold is not poisonous, but when i showed it to jamie someone had fixed it. what a loser. I wonder if i could have died. thanks Jamie for potentially saving my life!


Saturday, April 28

hi man

for some reason blogger wont let me on. can you post this for me please THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

(my brother is looking into it)



thank you to all who called! nina you were funny sorry to have missed you too.

i hope i heard these answers well enough

name :dr. brauner

asleep or awake? asleep as i work the grave yard shift and cannot move

worst sin? i told a girl named irene that real crystals don't shatter so in the lunch line i pulled her's off her neck and smashed it on the floor and told her "see it was just glass"

where is your heart now? in my testicles. i have a urinary tract infection and am going to pass a kidney stone. i am pissing blood

what is your weapon? my kidney stone. if you think diamonds should be worth alot than this fucking kidney stone is priceless as it was made just from me! it is like a screw is in my back. this is my 2nd one. the first time i had no health care. i am going to med school and am going to work in low cost health care clinics. everyine deserves health care!!!!!! i am physically giving my self a thumbs up. my roommate think i am nuts. i screwed up.

the next set of questions about YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are up on the hotline of hotlicks hotchicks hotdicks hotcricks in your hot neck

P.S.(virginia tech guy i did not post your email to "torment" you but just to provide your side as well. please know it was coming from a place of respect for your thoughts. although i am certainly not above fucking with you/telling you to get fucked in this case i am not. xoxoxoxox this is the end of this conversation from my end.)


Friday, April 27

is this going to turn into another "miranda" thing on the blog?

a response to that email that jamie posted:

1) i was not related to any of those people in virginia, so does that mean i shouldn't care? you cared because it was personal to you. it wasn't personal to me, so, by your reasoning, I should not care?

2) i was going to write a 2 and 3 but i don't want to anymore.

3) wait, i will make a #3: email said it had nothing to do with politics - that's stupid - what doesn't have to do with poltics? - when you live in a world defined by a politcal order everything that falls within that order is political - the personal is political, wait, who said that? i think a black panther? fuck, i didn't eat at the black muslim bakery when i was in oakland, fuck!

if the sea level rising is political...
or the birds in the sky...
or traffic on a freeway...
or the clothes on my body...
or the spelling of words...

why isn't a shooting political?

politics is not necessarily just guerrilla fighters, prime ministers, or those who cheated in the primaries.

on another note, those shirts that were being sold online are back for sale. more coming soon. fuck, i should have got those shirts from this tour while xiu was in LA. get them soon before I am here in three weeks

tres ciento!

btw i'm still on tour. tonights merch table will be south La Paz at the tip of Baja. tomorrow i'm taking a boat to mailand mexico, i'll try to get to Paracho to set up merch there. Maybe I'll pick up a guitar while i'm there.


Thursday, April 26

i miss you D2



xiu xiu play to le cine may 5

part of the san francisco international film festival

Tickets and details:

“NOTES TO A TOON UNDERGROUND: Animation and Live Music”
Saturday, May 5, Castro Theatre, 8:30 pm

Featuring 15 animated films made between 1912 and 2005 by
six different directors, and with 11 musicians providing
live accompaniment, it’s safe to file this program under
“This Will Never Happen Again.”

The lineup includes Marc Capelle, Devin Hoff (of Good for
Cows), Jason Lytle (of Grandaddy) Ches Smith (of Good for
Cows, Xiu Xiu and Ceramic Dog), Jamie Stewart and Caralee
McElroy (of Xiu Xiu), Carla Fabrizia (of Gamelan Sekar Jaya),
Tommy Guerrero, Monte Vallier and Gadget (of Jet Black
Crayon) and avant-garde legend William Winant. These
musicians will unveil world premieres of newly composed
scores to historic and contemporary animated shorts.





it is called......

"you you YOU YOU you YOU yOu" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE dont like lie ok

please call when you are drunk OR sober and dont get pissed/angry/raging full on if you be posted by moi
please speak slowly and briefly
i type slow really slow
Hyunhye and Caralee and David have commented on my turtle/tortoise fingers



minneapolis get in the van

we will be playing at the university of minneappolis on friday
see you there unless i poke my eyes out (please don't do this for me) and then i will feel you there on the cheek



from an email

"dude there's a time and a place. is it really necessary to bring your personal politics into everything? some asshole walked into a school and shot a bunch of kids. my girlfriend's school, an hour away from my house. so yeah, the situation is personalized. it's what people tend to do. monday, i didn't fucking care about people dying in the middle east. just as i'm sure if our own asshole army bombed some iraqi/iranian/whatever familiy's house on monday i'm sure that family didn't spend the day grieving for the 32 people cho killed at VT. any unnatural death is horrible, but it's hard to personalize something that is essentially not connected to my daily life. what happened monday was and is. and it had nothing to do with politics or war, so you shouldn't have used it as a reason to rant on those subjects. you might as well bring up gun control issues for gods sake. or fucking join the westboro baptist church. i realize i'm going way over the top but it's just to illustrate that you have to draw the line somewhere. you shouldn't connect these two entirely separate tragedies, or imply that being affected by them differently shows indifference or desensitization to either. it's disrespectful and it does "detract from the horror" of the situation, or at least your apparent sense of it. i dunno. if you've continued reading, jamie of xiu xiu, know that your band has been a favorite of mine for years. but i can't figure out how your music manages to stay colorful when your views are so obviously black and white (ZAP ZAM ZOW!)"


Wednesday, April 25



hi jamie and i are in another band called XXL. one of the tracks from our new record spicchiology? is on our other band member fabrizio's myspace page. it is called "King of the Koalas". also you should check out all the music fabrizio is involved with because he is the queen of the universe! thank you thank you


im home now and it feels really strange. i feel like i should be sitting in the car or something. it was such a wonderful tour im very sad that it is over! i want to say love to casiowen, the shearwaters, katie eastburn, and sunrise meltdown. also i miss david already. now i am just spending time with my cat and relaxing. thank you so much to everybody who came to shows and helped put shows together!


Tuesday, April 24

i don't know what to do, i'm driving to san diego pretending that the tour is still going on. i'll set up the merch table on the mexican/american border. we'll sleep in a motel with our pants off.

the tour is over. i'm sad. i don't know if i'm sad that the tour is over or that i am at a break with the familiarity that happened every day. i need to do something. i just got home, its almost 3am, and people were flashing gang signs in front of my house. fuck. whatever. Hey, I have like 6 or 7 of those hard-bound hand-made xiu xiu tour photo books left . They are a small edition of 40 made by miya osaki with photogarphs by me - they are azuki's (design book publishing thing) first book. If you want one, they will go first email first serve. They are $25 in USA and $30 outside USA - email if you want it. This post will be deleted when they are all gone. They were sold only on tour.

The D2's:

Xiu Xiu Tour - The D2's

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour




Looks like April will be the most traffic'ed month of's history. There is still another week to go, but it looks like there will be somewhere between 17,000 and 18,000 visits this month. I credit the haikus.



on returning.

Xiu Xiu Tour

xiu xiu tour

two moments of departure: one is inside a car at the Los Angeles Airport. The other is in the hallway of an apartment building in Manhattan. I think it was the seventh floor, but I am probably wrong.

It is late, and tomorrow I wil return home. My shoes are falling apart, the skin on my feet is tearing, and I imagine getting a disease soldiers in the Civil War would have got. I've never noticed this before, but I think I've noticed the songs changing at the end of tour. There is something different - they are looser, and they show wear and tire. The first shows were amazing, but they were very rehearsed. They were perfect and had explosive energy and excitement. They still have that energy. But there is something else too that wasn't there. The songs seem to prolong - they seem to have a languor or lethargy - which I like. They transend beyond a rehearsed performance. They become part of the mood. This comes out of repetition and weeks on the road. When you stop paying attention the songs begin to play themselves. I like this. Or maybe it's that I am able to measure the change and take notice because I see every show. I see the same thing every night, but it's not the same, it's just like the previous night but with a small disintegration. If you wait long enough there is nothing left. But we never wait that long to watch that happen.

xiu xiu tour

xiu xiu tour


Monday, April 23


from H.S. or S.H. or A. S.

"Amidst the blur, sometimes complete lucidity cracks down the wall, and I feel too conscious of my own body, too aware of what's surrounding me, and thus ironically too detached. I then draw into myself, tracing crop circles into my palms with the tip of my finger. Sometimes it feels as if it is all just a fantastical ruse, and I've caught on, just momentarily."



bottom of the hill freak show

last night at the first BOH show i, for a long list of reasons, snapped and broke my guitar while i was playing.
sorry about being an huge ass
now to be an even bigger ass

to the person to whom i gave the shattered remains of said guitar (from st. louis)
can i please have it back?

i will replace it with something but i think it was rash to have given up on its corpse so easily
please email me at
please be an angel

also thanks you to mike from sunset rubdown for the loaner and for the encouragement finish the set

jamie the barbarian


The tour is almost over. Some guy just walked into the living room of where I am staying in his red underwear. Embarassed, he returned to the room he was in, and came back out with some clothes. Naseem is in bed on the phone. So I am out here. Tonight was an interesting night. I'll let Jamie tell it if he wants to tell it. I've decided to make a visual list of the books I have collected on tour. Some came through friends, others in used book stores in Toronto, one at City Lights in San Francisco. This is them, and they do not represent all the books I have on tour, because I always make the stupid choice of bringing a backpack full of books I know I will not read, but I tell myself that this time will be differnt and I will read them, but I never do. I did read the book Mary gave me, and a chapter in the Jonathon Crary book, and some fragments of others. The guy, who now is wearing a red shirt, just said to me, "good night amigo"

I'd like to write something from the Susan Sontag book, which is a book of essays she never finished while she was alive. It was posthumously put together using notes and sketches that she left for the intended collection. This reminds me of something Jamie had written earlier here:

...So many stories; so many tears. To not mourn would be barbaric, just as it would be barbaric to think that these deaths are somehow different in kind from the other attrocious losses of life, from Srebrenica to Rwanda...


Friday, April 20

xiu xiu tour

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss = = polaroid book coming herE


Thursday, April 19


bird destroyer

three bird events
1- we put a pizza on the van and seagulls followed us to whole foods and ate it. Ches thought someone was banging on the roof but it was pizza birds

2-we saw a single gull with a piece of toast in its mouth surrounded by 4 crows. they were just standing there looking like it was time to jump the mutha fucker

3-a crow dropped a chomped off, bloody pigeon wing from its beak and it spun to the ground like a da vinci proto helicopter



virginia tech part 2

i got an email about that post from someone who must not understand
please know that i am in no way detracting from that horror but only wanting to, in my tiny way, draw attention to a continuing, but seemingly fading horror
and then trying to ask why it is fading? is it because the people murdered all day every day are from the middle east and not from europe or the usa?
everyone in xiu xiu is thinking of you or praying for you




Wednesday, April 18



655,000 deaths in iraq
32 in virginia
God please watch over ALL these people's families.


Seymour Hersh "I just think it's because they are Iraqis. You have to give Bill Clinton his due: When he bombed Kosovo in 1999, he became the first president since World War II to bomb white people. Think about it. Does that mean something? Is it just an accident or is it an inevitable byproduct of white supremacy?"


Monday, April 16


haiku of the day

by jamie the james circa 2007

to have been told this
that there is not right nor wrong
possessed by the fawn




my brain hurts.
trying to work on music on tour is like trying to work on music when you are drunk.
its not like trying to work on music when you are drunk, it IS trying to work on music when you are drunk.
you can't win them all.
you can't win none, either.
everyone tells me i should start drinking.



The collected e-mails of Marc Ribot to be published by Ches Smith Press.

Freedom Fighter, Tonic occupier.

My Poster that I am selling on the Xiu Xiu tour right now is now available online

Newsprint poster

Newsprint poster



preamble to the "the mentors go to school" mad lib video

i think there is no such thing as a negative slut
it is not bad to be a slut because having as much as you want is good if you are kind about it
if it is not then you are just a sad, lonely used up vince neil
when one references "el duche`" one has to be true to his dead heart's language and roll it in like a pig





it takes a worried man to sing a worried song

how often before, at such moments, moments allegedly of triumph, boredom had fallen on me! but as a means of winning, rather than the triumph in itself, the present act required constant alertness, a constant looking outward from myself. it wasn't tender, though it expressed a great need for tenderness. it became a brute physical act, an act almost of labour; and as it developed it became full deliberate brutaility. this surprised me. but i was altogether surprised by my new self, which was far from the brothel man i had taken myself to be, with all his impulses to feebleness, as this act was taken from the brothel act of surrender, which was all i had so far known.
Yvette said, "this hasn't happened to me for years."


We are somewhere in Kansas in a motel. Tomorrow we'll be in colorado. Jamie walked out of the room with a pillow, I wonder if he'll come back. When my grandmother was in high school she was sent to an internment camp near here in Colorado. If we were driving on a different highway I would tell them to stop there. I went there in the winter once and it was empty and desolate. The only thing keeping it together was a high school teacher and his students. I remember looking at things the students escavated from the old dumping grounds. There was a bottle that was an anti-deppressent soda pop. I didn't know they made those. I've thought about that a lot. It's a small little object - an artifact. But it is so heavy with meaning because it is evidence of sadness, or of a sadness, or a sadness felt. That is a strange thought, to look at something and to draw the conclusion of sadness from it. It is easy with that, but what about other things. Like, a book or an old photograph you find somewhere. I am going to stop writing this because I don't know why I am writing this here on this blog. I drank a rootbeer and ate an ice-cream snickers at the last gas stop. And I just ate a butterfinger from Caralee because she accidenteley got two. I am so wired. I have a tendancy to write these certain toned emails in the middle of the night. They are usually from when I drink tea and the night just soaks into my brain and everything because distanced and unreal. I don't know. Tomorrow we'll be in colorado. Where did they bury Hunter S Thomspon?



a poem from the lime tree that will fuck you up

"anytime somebody thinks they are the shit, i want to rub their faces
in their own crotch and staple their assholes wide open so they will
always smell their own shit."



you left your girlfriend on the platform with this really ragged notion that you'd return but she knows that when he goes he really goes

a departure can feel like a desertion, a judgement on the place and people left behind.
that was what i had been accustoming myself to since the pervious day,
when i thought i had said goodbye to Indar.
for all my concern for him, i had thought of him
- as i had thought of Ferdinand- as the lucky man,
the man moving to a richer experience,
leaving me to my little life in a place once again of no account.


Saturday, April 14


interview with D2

this is the first ever d2 interview
new ground is broken
soil is being tilled
the worms have risen, the standard has DROPPED!!!!!!!!!
d2 what is your favorite punk rock record?
-dirty rotten crotch
d2 what is your favorite place to destroy and therefore rebuild?
d2 did you do what they said you did to reese witherspoon and why?
-fuck you
d2 did you spend the night in toronto with sean penn?
-fuck you
d2 what is your most essential weapon?
-my fucking dick fuck you
d2 can they handle it?
-if they are young enough
d2 where is the road to salvation?
-in borderline's pants
d2 when is the end of your time on earth as a human and what will you become?
-what the fuck are you talking about you fucking fag
d2 love me or leave me?
-kill me
you heard it here first
D2 has risen over the worms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Xiu Xiu Tour

Borderline is busted by a fucking pig in a graveyard in upstate new york. d2 wants to be a bog hog. yeah! the bog is all mine.

"i slept with watt, i slept with nick cave, i slept with your daughter and freed two slaves - but she just didn't want to"

"i started by reading her marx and thoreaugh, i got all the way through foucault - but still she just didn't want to"

"i let ches play his mentors song, i thought about it very long - but still I just didn't want TWO"

you don't know anything unless you've been in a van for 100 hours. we go crazy and our bones can come out of our body.


Friday, April 13


haiku of the day

by jamie the rancid circa 2007

candle wax makes it
feel like you will die soon
melting on the floor





ROCKER Vs MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Ches do you like dogs?"

and still he just didn't want to
david and i decided he is going to cum on my face while i am sleeping and jordan from sunset rubdown suggested that i try as i hard as i can not to wake up so i can just peel it off in the morning.



crystal easter

bowery dude in yr shirt is righteous
his knee duct-taped way the fuck up
and lollipop sucking
drums not drugs!
and drums
blog hog should have made the thief confess her wrong doings on here
or at least taken her photo


Xiu Xiu Tour

that's not true at all. i don't care about being a blog hog. i just liked the way miya and jamie's picture looked just as one photograph and text. it was simple and minimal. the photo did not relate to the text at all. it just looked visually coherent.

Xiu Xiu Tour

the problem is that i have about twenty photographs i want to post about twenty images. and i don't want to wait for people to blog twenty blogs, because by then I want to post one hundred images. have you ever touched someone's heart?

Xiu Xiu Tour Day Off

so i don't know what to do, because obviously right now i am only writing minimal texts which won't achieve what i want to achieve in a visual sense. its either staring at nothing, or...

Xiu Xiu Tour Day Off

sleeping on somebody.

Xiu Xiu Tour



this ones are intended to be separately spaced by the blogger, can you look at them separately? please:

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour Day Off



i dont care about indie rock bullshit

daivd said he need someone else to post something so he could put some space between his photos and not look like a a blog hog
i am here to help a brother out also to reveal that he is holding a towel in front of his wiener and slapping it on his stomach so i can hear the slapping but not see it
more space
more space more



Thursday, April 12

Xiu Xiu Tour

we got stopped at the border b/c they thought we had child pornography. caralee had to go in the backroom with both our computers b/c hers has a password on it. she said they were going through my video clips looking for naked kids. she said they were looking at video i shot of you in chinatown. that is so funny. also, we watched them go through all my polaroids one by one.

my friend made this zine and didn't photo-copy it. I told her i'd photograph it and make a big digital file that people can pass around online. This is 6818 x 500 pixels at super low quality.

in new york i busted a shop lifter. first, i noticed ches' solo album missing. It was obvious that it was missing and not misplaced b/c I had written with a sharpee on the plastic: "drummer of xiu xiu, nels cline, wilco, carla bozulich, 7 year rabbit cycle, tom waits, system of a down, gil scott heron, cherry poppin dadies." then the grooper cd went missing. i just sold a bunch so i figured i must have accidentaly sold the display copy. i asked shearwater's merch-person if she noticed anything, and she said maybe the girl who just exchanged her shirt (which i gave to her at a discount) took it. i thought she probably didn't, because who would steal from a band? then during xiu xiu's set i walked from the bar (this is at the bowery ballroom) back to the merch table and saw that girl walking away from the merch table and said bye to her. i laughed to myself, "what if another CD is missing when I get back." lo and behold the covers and remixes display cd was gone. so i followed the girl and her friend up the stairs. then i followed her onto the street. in front of the club there is a subway entrance, and she walked in with her friend. i slowly followed behind, and when i turned the corner i saw that she had pulled out the covers and remixes cd to boast to her friend what she had stolen. BUSTED LADY! i found the grouper CD under her arm. "i didnt steal these, the guy in the hat gave them to me." I told her it's okay that she STOLE (emphasised) Ches' CD, we thought it was cool that someone STOLE it. she blaabed about the guy in the hat and i told her keep the STOLEN cd and took back the other two. wouldn't that suck to get busted in the subway by D2, xiu xiu's merch dude? sorry for you. is this a moral story? who am i to say stealing is wrong? wait, i didn't say stealing was wrong. stealing directly from people is wrong. When is stealing OK? Maybe, when YOU ARE HUNGRY. if you are reading this you probably aren't hungry. there is a line in john berger's new book where he says that the only time stealing is justified is when you are hungry or when an artist needs supplies! so maybe you are that artist. i also don't really care when people steal from large corporate shit heads, but thats just me...



fuck it

i feel like smashing my face with a brick and a hammer


Tuesday, April 10



Today we are releasing Xiu Xiu's 2 cd set of "Covers and Remixes." The "Covers" disc has Claire Huxtable, Rudy Huxtable, Cliff Huxtable, Denise Huxtable, Theo Huxtable and Dillweed Huxtable playing Xiu Xiu songs. The "Remixes" disc has Ghandi and Malcolm X remixing a Xiu Xiu song each, and H.E. Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa remixing the whole of Xiu Xiu's recent "The Air Force" album.
There will also be a batch of iTunes exclusives with Mock Chicken, Veggie Pho and My Hot Cock Deep In You With Organic Lube covering Xiu Xiu and Vice Magazine Is The New Mien Kampf doing a remix.
Is the last Prison release ever.

Today we are releasing Xiu Xiu's 2 cd set of "Covers and Remixes." The "Covers" disc has Larsen, Oxbow, Sunset Rubdown, Marissa Nadler, Good For Cows, Kid 606, Why?, Her Space Holiday, and Devendra Banhart playing Xiu Xiu songs. The "Remixes" disc has Gold Chains, Xiu Xiu, Warbucks, Cherry Point, Son, This Song Is a Mess But So Am I, Kid 606, and Grouper remixing a Xiu Xiu song each, and To Live and Shave in La remixing the whole of Xiu Xiu's recent "The Air Force" album.
There will also be a batch of iTunes exclusives with XO Skeletons, Parts and Labor, and So So Modern covering Xiu Xiu and Kill Me Tomorrow doing a remix.
Is the last 5RC release ever.


Monday, April 9

if you are not totally goth
would you immediately fuck off






j. morrison i am sorry i blew it again

there is a movie called
"killer of sheep"
made in los angeles in 1977

the lyrics to
I LOVE L.A. by randy newman are as follows
(this goes out to hyunhye, joe, david, miya and denise)

Hate New York City
It's cold and it's damp
And all the people dressed like monkeys
Let's leave Chicago to the Eskimos
That town's a little bit too rugged
For you and me you bad girl

Rollin' down the Imperial Highway
With a big nasty redhead at my side
Santa Ana winds blowin' hot from the north
And we as born to ride

Roll down the window put down the top
Crank up the Beach Boys baby
Don't let the music stop
We're gonna ride it till we just can't ride it no more

>From the South Bay to the Valley
>From the West Side to the East Side
Everybody's very happy
'Cause the sun is shining all the time
Looks like another perfect day

I love L.A. (We love it)
I love L.A. (We love it)

Look at that mountain
Look at those trees
Look at that bum over there, man
He's down on his knees
Look at these women
There ain't nothin' like 'em nowhere

Century Boulevard (We love it)
Victory Boulevard (We love it)
Santa Monica Boulevard (We love it)
Sixth Street (We love it, we love it)

I love L.A.
I love L.A.
(We love it)

when i was 12 i was in a frank sinatra video for a song called LA is my lady
too bad sinatra is total heartless and hallow garbage and is the reason i have ever sinned in my entire life
afraid of
your daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Berlin is the capital city and one of the sixteen states of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the heart of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, located in northeastern Germany. With a population of 3.4 million in its city limits, Berlin is the country's largest city, and the second most populous city in the European Union. The Larger Urban Zone is home to 4.9 million people, and is the fifth largest in the EU.[1] It is filled with remarkable people, none of whom are German. All the cool people there came from somewhere else in suburban America.


Saturday, April 7



from"more terrible than death" by robin kirk
our pleasures are tearing columbia apart. our leisure funds terror. our parties pull columbia under, as surely as as a stone sinks cloth in water. our addictions and experimentations ensnare not just ourselves and our families but a nation. most of all, our unwillingness to acknowledge our behavior and examine its real consequences threatens to sink columbia.



aki tsuyuko, skempton, new order/ joy division, the mentors


Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour


Thursday, April 5


Animal Crossing Wild World

I have been playing Animal Crossing for the DS, every day, for about 18 months.

This morning I paid off my fifth and final loan of 900,000 bells. My house cannot get any bigger and Tom Nook told me I should just put my money in the bank from now on.

I have habitually been playing this game on the subway for months, every day. When I realized there was nothing more for me to do in the game, I felt a mix of sadness that the game was over, and a sense of accomplishment. My little character, Yellow, and I have bonded over the past year and a half, and I will miss her.

It's like finishing a book that you've been reading every day for 18 months...



DC d2 hard core

so walking down the street
an ancient junkie says to me "i'm gonna suck ya dick"
then we ate dinner
ancient junkie
says to me
"you are a homosexual come suck ma dick you!"
then the sound guy who is deaf put a ton of stupid delay on my vocals because janes addicition will never be dead for deaf idiot sound guys
i already told this whole story to my friend and she told me over the phone in the ancient mesopatamina chariot racer junkie voice
"i'm gonna suck ya dick"
and then she asked me to try and turn her on by making animal sounds but it did not work cuz i just sounded like a cave man not a half gorilla half sparrow hawk
then she said it in a british accent
then i tried really hard to turn her on by making monkey noises but it did not work either. she is way too smart for my BS attempt at primal romance

this is some lyrics to the first D2 song that ches will ignore
the song is called
"hawk o'clock"

gonna shoot my mouth off to you and out will come glue
gonna shoot my mouth off to the power bird and chow down and bro down on his feathers and shit them out and stick them to you
hawk o'clock
hawk o'clock
you suck
hawk o'clock
each of my fingers is a leather weapon and it is covered in lace
i wear a lace glove
i wear a lethal glove
i wear a glove that looks like GROVER!!!!!!!!!!!
mutha fucker it!
hawk o'clock
down the lane
down the brain mane
leave your damn love notes in my wallet of lies
your stupid band is gonna fry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hawk o' clock
hawk o' maley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Wednesday, April 4


david is losing his shit

and his hot energy drink.

no, back to david losing his shit. his youtube shit wasn't working, he lost it. i am used to not counting on technology. it lets me down again and again. its a generation gap. anyway, wanted to announce our new band:
Jamie Stewart---bass
David Horvitz--guitar
Ches Smith--throats
Brendan Fowler--drums
I think we are called the D2s.
look for us on select warp tour trucker speed half pipes.
chain wallets.
we are our groupies.
"how old were you when you started playing?"






sorry i blew it for DC
thank you for the cup cake




so for washington DC i have blown it for the "found it"
it is in the staff dressing room at the white house.
it is some white tea and a white T
i have failed again and again
literally twice


For the Washington DC show Caralee put "Elvis Presley" on the guest list. So if you can somehow convince the box office your name is Elvis Presley, you got a free ticket!


Tuesday, April 3

Thank You Mylinh for buying me a pro flickr account for my birthday

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour

Xiu Xiu Tour


i've got so much tea that whenever we eat i ask for hot water. today at cracker barrel i had my breakfast tea in the cup of hot water the waitress brought out. she came to put coffee into everyones coffee cup and not even thinking she put it in my cup of tea. i didn't say anything, and for the first time in my life had a cup of TEAFFEE.




New Album
Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
House Sparrow
Hyunhye's Theme
Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
Falkland Rd.
The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

Buy on iTunes


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