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Thursday, September 25


david horvitz 1982-2008

lance the bubo
cut open your little brother that is growing on your arm
you will be free
fratricide is your only escape from this germ
heat a pin over a candle and poke into it
push him out and let him strangle in the hairs on you arm
you are not alone but you should be

hold my hand over the white flame
hold my hand over the white flower
everything you can forget in a day
everything you can foment in a day


Tuesday, September 23




Only two more to go! They will remain in the archive forever.

thanks very much.


Sunday, September 21





live young die fast


Friday, September 19












Wednesday, September 17


bury my heart at

wounded knee
at wounded car key
at wounded shopping spree
at wounded you are not free


Saturday, September 13









Friday, September 12


chuya nakahara

the mournful sky
high where branches tangle
teems with dead baby souls
i blinked and saw
above the distant fields
fleece knit into a dream
of mastodons


Thursday, September 11





Wednesday, September 10
















featuring Mary Halvorson






Tuesday, September 9


in Missoula Montana

Go to Dauphine's at 130 E Broadway.
The food is really good.



sad news

earlier this year we were working on a benefit for the children with aids home in kenya called nyumbani.
hyunhye seo worked there this winter and got to be very close with a young boy who has recently passed away.
his name is sammy.
if you are the praying type or have any connection to life after death please send him your love. please send love to his family and to children who were friends with him.
thank you.
sammy you are in our hearts. your pain in over now.



how to heat dougnuts (aka the web of deceit)




david just puked because he ate too many chicken gizzards and too many boner pills.



fuck it, why who cares, truck stop speed saves our lives we are alive and still conscious of our world, ourselves, and our relation. fuck it. it's late. we are in montana. i was here before. i was here in the snow. my head is tweaked. green tea using gas station hot water. trucker speed. elk and wolves. wolf walchers. when you are so out of it the social world just doesn't make sense, you are just a body, an organism. all society is just one big hallucination. fuck it. i feel like shit. this is disgusting. i can take a hot shower and vomit everything.

some more photos are here on ed's myspace page in his pics section. maybe you need a myspace account to see them? i don't know?

i feel fucking gross. next time no trucker speed. only green tea and meditation. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fucku fuck fuck.

my head is ok but my body is horrid.
i feel gross/ tomorrow will be bad.






Monday, September 8


from kid 606

Artist to turn death row inmate into fish food

A Denmark-based artist is planning to use the body of a Texas murderer as fish food for an installation in Germany after the man is executed. The project aims to spark debate about capital punishment, he told The Local.

Confessed triple-murderer Gene Hathorn has willed his body to artist Marco Evaristti, who plans to freeze dry the corpse and have exhibition visitors feed it to a tank of goldfish.

“This may seem obscene,” Evaristti told The Local of the idea he conceived in April. “But I don't think there is anything wrong with this kind of art piece. If you kill people with the authorization of the state it is a heady matter, and to make fish food with a dead body that is going to rot six feet under anyway is not such a big deal.”

Goldfish have a particular relevance to Evaristti's message against what he calls “state authorized homicide.” In 2000, he made headlines with a controversial installation of 10 functioning blenders containing live goldfish in Denmark.

“The new idea is to turn it around,” Evaristti said. “If you were against killing the fish in the blender, think about what will happen if the fish don't eat. The audience has to participate to be human by giving food to the fish if they are good people, otherwise it will be a big fish cemetery.”

Evarissti has been to visit Hathorn, 47, at his Livingston, Texas prison four times, and says he will attend his execution, which is pending a final appeal. The two have developed a personal relationship and correspond regularly by mail, Evarissti said.

The Chilean artist, who is known for making meatballs out of his own fat and serving them to a dinner party in 2007, hopes to exhibit the new work in Germany because it has the most powerful “avant-garde” influence in the European art community. He said he has had several offers from public institutions, which he prefers to more elite galleries.

“It is important to show the work where the audience is normal, and maybe don't normally go to exhibitions,” he said. “It's important that it's not just the elite, but those who get a political vote on issues like these.”

He also hopes to bring the installation to New York so that a US audience can contemplate capital punishment, he said.

There has been some question as to whether the donation of Hathorn's body for such a purpose is legal, but Evarissti says he believes there won't be a problem after discussing the matter with Texas authorities.

“Normally the inmates donate their bodies to science experiments, and this is kind of an art experiment,” he said.


Sunday, September 7


fargo you said...

tonite in fargo a young woman and her sister yelled at me after the show,
"jamie stewart, jamie stewart you need to get your shit together!"

my response was, "i am not afraid of you or your sister."

but i am

how do i need to get my shit together?
please let me know. i will try.



more photos.

Sam Cooke just emailed this to me:

a zip file that is 35mb of photos...


Saturday, September 6


deja vu?



1$ grant proposal for asdf

name jamie stewart
age no
location caramel factory

when i was a teen ager i snorted lemon aid. i drink a lot of tea now as an adult. there is no connection.
i have never done hard drugs. my dad killed himself with drugs.
i hate america and money and i am lonely a lot. i want to take a dollar and burn it with a candle that is lit to
father and burn the dollar to ash. then i want to snort half of the ash and then i want to put the other half in vodka and drink it.

thank you for your consideration.


jamie stewart.
first job karate teacher
2nd job taco bell
3rd job bagel store
4th job cookie store
5th job dish washer
6th job book store
7th job special ed. class room aide
8th job preschool teacher
9th job AIDS program intern
10th job DD job placement "coach"
11th job preschool teacher AGAIN!
12th job singer



thank you google alerts



Friday, September 5


Y/OUR TOWN Baltimore

For the sake of brevity:


To reiterate:
I have a recorder at the merch table at every gig on this tour. Please record anything you want (ask David if you don't see it). I am making a text/sound/music piece for each town. I hope to have finished all of them by the end of the tour.

thanks very much for your participation!



Y/OUR TOWN Cleveland is up

Scroll down for other pieces below.
this is




Thursday, September 4


chop chop!



austin Y/OUR TOWN piece is up

Here is...




Golden Age in Chicago Rain

We are sitting in Golden Age in Pilsen, Chicago.

If you live in Chicago you should check it out. Get cultured.

check it out check it out


Wednesday, September 3



from here.



Young Jeezy

I know this is the Xiu Xiu blog, but, the Xiu Xiu of rap, Young Jeezy, has done it again.


Tuesday, September 2


a few days too late


Another Y/OUR TOWN piece is up

This is



free school # who knows what???

Here is a small essay, which I think is the introduction to the book, but i'm not sure.

Michel De Certeau - The Practice of Everyday Life

This is good, maybe little dense, but good. Essential reading in the current discourse on 'the everyday.' Talks about ways of subversion through appropriation and what seems like, but is not, complacency.



praying for you



thank you! providence!


Monday, September 1


north carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina

ask carla bozulich about the role of venue sizes in old LA punk riots in the eighties.




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Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
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Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
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The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

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