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Tuesday, September 1


offensive and triumphant: durhole vs the goons!

i have witnessed two stunning instances of protest in durhole in the last week.

in the parking lot of the broad st whole foods was a young couple, a white woman and a black man, both pointing and talking shit under their breaths at an older black deep southern queen who was walking about 10 feet ahead of them.
after about a minute of this the queen turned around and pointing a long arm right at the woman and he yells out
the couple freaked out, screwing up their faces and clutching their chests as if he had just shit in their mouths.
the queen got into his car and drove off.
i was so stunned with happiness i could hardly move.

then today, while talking a walk around the duke university (aka the plantation) campus i saw
2 sets of air force recruitment officers. 3 cowards in each set.
a young woman who was walking in front of me on the track yelled out to one set
"HEY! HEY! FUCK YOU!!!!!!"
the trio were shocked and started making all kind of threats but the woman just walked on ignoring them. amazing.
then as we rounded a corner there were 3 other air force recruiters, trying to snatch freshmen with bad grades into a career of video game like murder.
she yelled out at them
LOOK OUT FOR I.U.D.s!!!!!!! LOOK OUT FOR I.U.D.s!!!!!!"
the sheepish assholes slunk away without a word.

the artful thing, of course, is that she meant I.E.D.s (improvised explosive device) as I.U.D.s are a contraceptive device that induce spontaneous abortion. a baby killer of a different stripe.

later she was stopped by a very nice police officer who said she received a call that some one was complaining about her yelling. the young woman explained she was just protesting on campus recruitment and the cop said, "oh you are just protesting the war? i don't really like duke either. i had to move to cary."
and the cop let her go. !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!??????!!!!!
it fucking ruled. HURRRRRRAYYYYYYYY!




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