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Saturday, September 26


NC queer pride

more than a few times i have wished that my rotten little town of durham, NC would
be destroyed by a fire storm.
but today something great happened. i did not know this but the entire state of north carolina
held its queer pride parade in my rotten little town for the last 25 years. there were hand made sign attesting to this fact taped to the light poles.
i went today and it was wonderful. there were several thousand people there and only about 20 protesters.
people just ignored them or started to dance to house music behind them. the bigoty protesters seemed sad and unenthusiastic as they had lost so badly today. they did not even make me mad as i was so exploded with the joy of queerness. for once, durham, ahem, i like you.
i saw 2 men. one was white, clearly from the country, maybe 25 at most, with a man who was black, clearly from the country, maybe 50 at the youngest. the older man was shyly holding the younger man's arm so they would not be separated in the crowd as they walked along. this was on my street. it was beautiful.




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