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Tuesday, June 23



there is a spider that has laid 3 egg sacks on the window that is next to the desk where i write music. my land lady sent someone over to power wash the house and i asked the man if he would please not wash that window as i was waiting for the eggs to hatch. i thought he would think it was weird but he just said, "no problem."
a few days later one of the sacks opened and there were what looked like 100 grains of brown salt with little legs orbiting it like 100 moons. they were not moving and then one day they were gone. there were many many more webs on the window but i could not see the spiders.
it does not look like the mother has moved at all from where she has been for the last 2 weeks. her body moves so i know she is not dead but she does not move from her post.
today i saw that the next sack had opened. a moment after i had noticed the newest set of 100 spider moons, i saw that a about a foot away was a small, light green caterpillar inching its way up a thread of silk. mechanically going up up up to the eave on my roof.
i looked at it, sitting at a celesta i rented. then like a crazed murderer, a different spider slid down the caterpillar's silk and appeared to bite it. the caterpillar thrashed its body in every direction and threw the spider off of itself down to the ground. it fell 2 stories and would never find the caterpillar again nor ever eat it.
the caterpillar began to contort and writhe. it looked as if it had been poisoned. it went on for five minutes. i could not get back to work. it turned itself inside out and into a ball. but then suddenly, a little more slowly, began to inch back up the silk and made it over the eave until i could not see it anymore.




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