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Friday, June 26


it has been awhilwe since-

i blogged about a dance night but then it has been awhile since i have been to one.
so if i ever complained about there being no one hot in oakland, there are 1000% fewer hot people in durham.
so, to my 1000% surprise, tonite, dance night, there is a hot person on the dance floor.
of course this does not mean anything other than, oh it is so much nicer to be surprise chimed by the hot than it is to stun blanked by the plain. and she can dance.
anyway, the music is not so great so i am just playing game boy, drinking drambuie (lie, just beer) and occasionally looking up at the small crowd. there is life. there is light.
i got a new game. it is a good one.
once in awhile a good jam arrives and i jump up and try to feel it and it is funish, but not enough to keep me there. so back to the nintendo (no friend oh!) i go.
the aforementioned hot bot grabs my feet and pulls me out of my chair onto the dance floor and says
"you dance with no abandon. i make my own reality."




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Dear God, I Hate Myself
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