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Tuesday, June 16


hearts and minds

so obama has not dropped the ban on gays in the military. he has not broached the subject of queer marriage. for some reason, a lot of gay people get in to linguistic programs in the military so there is a shortage of valuable arabic and pashtun translators in iraq, paskistan and afghanistan. thus, it makes it harder to coloinalize these places. so is the ban on gays in the military a good idea? it makes the war harder to fight due to an inablity to use propaganda and enlist local people to participate in US operations effectivly. so should i be glad that obama is just being a fucking politician and not dealing with queer issues? at the gym today some frathole with huge diamond earrings in both ears (hilariously faggy) made fun of my wearing pink shorts. i blew it. i wanted to turn around and get into, "you got a problem muthafucker." but i was so stunned by this sort of thing in a public place i didn't do anything. he looked like the kind of shitty person who would be in the military. it seems like his prejudice could get him killed in the desert because no one around him could understand what people are trying to tell him.




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