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Saturday, March 14


hi i am in a hotel in portland and i wonder why... oh march 13 is dominic of prurient's birthday.

it is always my inclination to choose an alcoholic drink that is unpleasant. i want to get drunk and i and i want it to hurt me and i want to never have heard of it before. please do not make this easy. fermented darkness, strength and rare destruction rings thee bell of i am on all fours, crawling away from myself. this applies to most things that appeal to me, awful and difficult. (don't rake up my stupidities i know exactly what they are.)
the AK-47 which can, according to laurent kabila, "turn even a monkey into a combatant," is the weaponry antithesis of what i want to drink. it has killed more people than anything. everyone has one. you can get one for $6 in pakistan. masscares perpetrated by the AK-47 verified by the UN have taken place in algeria, angola, bosnia, burundi, cambodia, chechnya, coloumibia, congol haiti, kashmir, mozambique, rawanda, sierra leone, sri lanka, sudan and uganda.
it is so light and so ubiquitous and so simple to use that all little boys and all little girls will sooner than later get one and shoot you to easy death. pulling the trigger is like taking a pill.




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