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Monday, January 12

i was reading your thoughts, and before i thought to answer them a thought came to mind. i am just writing on a whim, so critique me if you feel different.

There is a difference in today's tragedies from those of the past.

It is not just we are watching this as this happens. But that, the victim's of today's tragedies know that that they are being watched by the rest of the world (you can argue that this is not always the case, but it is definitely the case here) - they know that the rest of the world knows what is happening at the very moment. Maybe not everyone cares, and not everyone is paying attention, but it isn't something secret. Though, yes, their are probably things that we don't see, but my point is just that: what does it mean for someone else upon who wrong is being done, what does it mean when they have the knowledge that the rest of the world is watching them as this wrong is being done?

Does this condition have a name? Could it be related to an extreme from of loneliness and hopelessness?

Though, maybe it can be argued that people don't hold this knowledge. I don't know. I just feel this is an interesting paradigm.

(and yes, I know that not everyone is "just looking" - i'm writing in a broad sense)




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