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Saturday, January 31


get up.

i went into whole foods with miya.

as i looked at all the apples and other fruits and vegetables my spirits risened.

i never noticed that before.

looking at all the produce at once made me livelier.

i wouldn't say happier, just lifted.

i think it was because of the affirmation of the diversity of life.

then i did the thing where i buy one of every apple.

11 different apples.

i imagine a world where the dominance of only a few strains of apples crumbles.

where every apple is different.

where everything collapses on itself.

and the sunlight shines brightly.

regardless of what you feel inside your body.

and consciousness is nothing.

just a grain of sand amongst a world of everything else.

we will destroy you.

before you destroy us.


5 minutes after i wrote what is above, i looked up a michael pollan article to find this:

"Commercial apples represent only a fraction of the Malus gene pool," he said, "and it's been shrinking. A century ago there were several thousand different varieties of apples being grown; now, most of the apples we grow have the same five or six parents: Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Jonathan, McIntosh and Cox's Orange Pippin."




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