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Saturday, January 3


10 < 10 > 10 interview series #5 with freddy ruppert of Former Ghosts

take a flower and crush the petals between your fingers, write the words "everyone against anyone!" on your lapel,
xiu xiu presents to you... thee...

10 < 10 > 10 interview series

10 questions to more than 10 people that takes less than 10 minutes to answer.

this series does not ask why, only what!
be brief and live your life far from the computer!

#five with - Freddy Ruppert of Former Ghosts

1 what sound would you be happy to never hear again?

Last night I was at this dummmbbbbb bar and the bouncer/security/door person kept making this whistle sound over and over again. I think he was bored out of his mind, sitting in his fucking stool and he kept making this same whistle sound over and over that sounded like a dying fucking bird cooing itself to sleep. I was getting really, really angry. And the more I drank the more angry I became. He wasn't stopping. He just kept going. ON and ON. I was ready to fight the guy even though he was HUGE and 50 times my size and would have totally smashed me to a million pieces, but it seemed like it was worth a chance because it was that annoying. But then it got worse! On top of it, these two girls saw each other and started screaming over and over and dancing and grinding each other and screaming and screaming. So all the while you have these insane girl screams mixed with this insane dying bird cooing whistle. I never want to hear that ever again.

2 what do you do when you are feeling self destructive?

Been feeling pretty self destructive lately, so good question Jimmy. I usually drink as much as I can of a variety of whiskeys and vodkas and beers and wines and throw in an adios as FAST as i can so that I can't stand up, can't see straight, and am throwing up within the hour. Usually works for me. And you are usually passed out by 8pm before anyone has even started to go out so you never have to see anybody! YEAH!

3 what nut, fruit, or vegetable would you use to build your castle?


4 what is/was your favorite controlled/palliative substance?

Taking a box of Benadryls in order to fall asleep because all you can do is cry.

5 what do you want to see when you look at the sky?

Come, come, nuclear bomb!

6 what about yourself physically do you want to change?

The fact that I'm a human being.

7 what item that is not food, do you wish was food?

Vaginas. Great, in this world, where your future employers Google your name first to get the dirt on you before they hire you, they are going to see this interview and I am never going to get a job.

8 what do you want to be free of?


9 what book do you want to read but have not yet?

Blood Meridian. Everytime I sit down to start it I get distracted.

10 what deformity do you find attractive?

I don't have this kind of fetish. I'm going to throw up just thinking about it. I'm a shallow asshole.




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