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Thursday, August 7


an impressive human victory for musicians against airlines

it is getting astoundingly difficult for musicians to tour internationally
as airline restictions for baggage become tighter and tigher.
now one can check one bag and carry on one.
it had been 2 carry ons and 2 checked with a wink and a nod if you were
polite and went over until very recently.

shahzad ismaily is a musician that ches plays with frequently.
he sent this to ches...

i will say yesterday was the very first time i thought i had gone over
the line, so i was actually a bit nervous (rare for me), but i made it
nonetheless . . . no checked bags, just NINE carryons, including:

an electric bass
a banjo
a Moog-sized backpack
an over the shoulder bag full of pedals
a small medicine bag
a drone box
a small bag full of recording gear
my laptop
a ukelele

S.I. i salute thee




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