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Thursday, August 14



Throughout the tour I will post things here to read and think about. If you want, you can come talk to me at the merch table and we can discuss them.

Maybe I will do a theme. Or maybe I will do something varied. I don't know.

Here is assignment #1:


Artist: Jens Haaning - You can download his entire catalogue for FREE as a pdf. Everything is included, all visual documentation of art works, and the essays. Look at this. A whole book for free.


Selling Wine Without Bottles: The Economy of Mind on the Global Net. by John Perry Barlow This is a really good essay about the internet and digital information, and ways to think about what information is. It was written by, I think, the guy who wrote songs for the Grateful Dead. He has an argument that the Grateful Dead were one of the biggest live bands around b/c they allowed people to freely record their live shows and freely distribute it, and thus the free spreading of this information basically was a kind of marketing that in turn generated larger profits for the band in other areas. There are many typos, so I suggest reading it really really fast, then your eye won't pick up the typos. This is filled with so many great ideas, I don't even know where to start.


N.N., untitled by Stefan Heidenreich. OK, so I read this in a book called: In the Future No One Will Be Famous, which is such a great fucking idea. And something really interesting to think about. Can you imagine the social role of the celebrity dying. Like, becoming totally anachronistic. That'd be so hilarious. But, maybe that is what is happening. Ok, so this talks about the history of the artist-name - when the artist's name became important - how it is looked at in connection with a work of art - etc.... etc... This should be read with this Foucault essay on the role of the author, but I'll save that for next time.

If you want, look at these for now.... COme talk to me. Think thoughts already thought and generate your own thoughts which are probably being thought by other people at the exact same moment. The free school. Free ideas. If you go to a real school, ask your department if you can take my course as an independent study and get real credits for it! Dupe the system! Fuck everything!

Next week: Foucault. Maybe a Hakim Bey essay on tourism, to go along with the "tour." And maybe another artist to write/think about? Who knows, next week!!!!!!


I just put this show thing together




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Dear God, I Hate Myself.

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Dear God, I Hate Myself
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