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Monday, July 21


two answers to Quest shun 6 coming up the rear (i.e. late but still banging)

Ok I know you asked this a long time ago but I like the question so I'm going to answer it anyway.
I have a very strange body. It's mostly made up of skin and bones.. People used to ask me if I was anorexic because I've always been so thin. But I'm not. I love food so much! Anyway, Sometimes I like how strange and angular my limbs look, like something in an Egon Schiele drawing. But other times I see my reflection in a window and it's pretty alarming to see my strangely long neck awkwardly lurking foward. Another thing that's very distinct about me is that I have very big eyes. Not only that but they have very dark circles around them that never go away. Sort of menacing.. But usually I cover them up with makeup to look less like a crackwhore.. haha.
Something very confusing is that in recent years I 'grew a butt', or so my friends tell me-- where once there was none. It's more comfortable to sit on, now, anyway.

i hate my sternum. whereas most people's sternums are flat, or a little concave, mine is convex - it sticks out in the center, and although it's not too noticeable when wearing a not-too-tight shirt, it's painfully obvious when i'm shirtless (i've heard it referred to as pigeon chested, i think). I've spoken to doctors about it and actually contemplated corrective surgery, but they would have to cut open my chest to fix it, leaving me with scars that would be worse than the offending bone. I recently started working out, trying to build up enough chest muscle to hide it - even though a doctor told me when i was younger that i couldn't put too much muscle on because the strain against my ribcage could cause it to collapse, i've decided to ignore his warnings (i think he was a bit of a quack anyway). i also don't trim my chest hair, hoping that the hair will hide it.




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