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Sunday, July 13


question 6 of the xiu xiuian era (is it waining... i often wonder but will fight forever to be worthy)

i have a funny face. in certain photos it looks peevish and ugly and in others it looks overly hostile and gaunt. in some it looks comically handsome and amusingly heroic.
it does not rest easily on my skull.
my skull in fact is made of sugar and wax though so the only thing that does rest easily on it is bugs.
my skin is like this too. parts of it are actually gross and pale and red and bumpy. i hate to see it. i hate to live in it.
parts of it are smooth and feminine and i wish it covered my whole body in this way. i love to dream an impossible dream.
so uneven. so putrid and so touchable depending on the approach one takes.
at once icky barf and yummy vain...
what about your body confuses you?

if you answer this question and then email that answer to
i may post your reply on the xiuxiu.ugh donut blog.




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