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Wednesday, April 16


complete list. thank you Dr stangelove. mosquito netting!!!!!!!!!

> Light Blue Wants Head Expert Cocksucker
> Robins Egg Blue Sixty-Niner Sixty-Nine
> Medium Blue Cop Cop-Sucker
> Navy Blue Fucker Fuckee
> Teal Blue Cock & Ball Torturer Cock & Ball Torturee
> Red Fist Fucker Fist Fuckee
> Dark Red 2-Handed Fister 2-Handed Fistee
> Yellow Pisser Pissee
> Light Pink Dildo Fucker Dildo Fuckee
> Dark Pink Tit Torturer Tit Torturee
> Mauve Into Navel Worshippers Has Navel Fetish
> Magenta "Suck My Pits" Arm Pit Freak
> Purple Piercer Piercee
> Lavender Likes Drag Drag
> Pale Yellow Spits Drool Crazy
> Mustard Has 8" or More Wants a BIG One
> Gold 2 Looking For 1 1 Looking For 2
> Orange Anything, Anytime, Anywhere Not Now, Thanks
> Apricot "Two Tons of Fun" Chubby Chaser
> Coral "Suck My Toes" Shrimper
> Rust A Cowboy His Horse
> Fuschia Spanker Spankee
> Kelly Green Hustler John
> Olive Drab Military Top Military Bottom
> Hunter Green Daddy Hunting for Daddy
> Lime Green Dines Off Tricks Dinner Plate
> Beige Rimmer Rimmee
> Brown Scat Top Scat Bottom
> Brown Lace Has Uncut Dick Likes Uncut Dicks
> Brown Satin Circumcised Likes Circumcised Dicks
> Black HEAVY S&M Top HEAVY S&M Bottom
> Gray Bondage Top Bondage Bottom
> Charcoal Latex Fetish, Top Latex Fetish, Bottom
> Gray Flannel Actually Own a Suit Likes Men in Suits
> White "Beat My Meat" "I'll Do Us Both"
> Cream Cums in Scum Bags Sucks It Out
> Red w/White Stripes Shaver Shavee
> Black w/White Stripes Likes Black Bottoms Likes Black Tops
> Brown w/White Stripes Likes Latino Bottoms Likes Latino Tops
> Yellow w/White Stripes Likes Asian/Pacific Bottoms Likes Asian/Pacific Tops
> White Lace Likes White Bottoms Likes White Tops
> Paisley Wears Boxer Shorts Likes Boxer Shorts
> Fur Bestiality, Top Bestiality, Bottom
> Silver Lamé Star Fucker Star
> Gold Lamé Likes Bottom Musclemen Likes Top Musclemen
> Leopard Has Tatoos Likes Tatoos
> Tan Smokes Cigars Likes Cigars
> Teddy Bear Cuddler Cuddlee
> Kewpie Doll Chicken Chicken Hawk
> Dirty Jockstrap Wears a Dirty Jock Sucks'em Clean
> Zip-Lock Bag Has Drugs Looking For Drugs
> Kleenex Stinks Sniffs (or actually has a cold)
> Handywipe Gives HOT Oil Massages Wears It Well
> Chamois Rides a Motorcycle Likes Bikes
> Cocktail Napkin Bartender Bartender Groupie
> Doily Tearoom, Top Tearoom, Bottom
> Mosquito Netting Outdoor Sex, Top Outdoor Sex, Bottom
> Toothbrush "Lover's out, my place OK" "Lover's home, your place only"
> Maroon Likes Menstruating Women Women Menstruating




New Album
Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
House Sparrow
Hyunhye's Theme
Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
Falkland Rd.
The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

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