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Wednesday, March 5


post-war world

so i had some utopian vision last night. i was at the opening of the whitney biennial, my friend luke is in it (lucky dragons). his installation is in the armory (the show is split up - most of it is at the whitney - some is at the armory). it was weird walking around the armory. i was drunk with my friend and we were poking around where we probably shouldn't have been. opening closets to find old soldier uniforms. old war relics. swords. it was really fascinating to think that in a world where war did not exist, all the old buildings and structures would serve some other function. most likely, appropriated into some kind of art use. imagine being given an army base to put on crazy shows or something. someone told me thats how the churches are like in holland. these buildings that once had some sort of social significance, and now rendered meaningless in a different epoch, and given to someone to make something new out of it...




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