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Wednesday, March 12


dear A. thank you

I cannot remember if I wrote to you about this or not, because it took place shortly after I checked out of my hospital stay during Winter Break. I was hanging out with my mother who is about the worst influence I've ever met, but this is not the point. I was dropping some papers off at my job and there were recruiters hanging around. They had already been asked to cross the street because the company I work for owns all of the parking spaces and property on the side they had already tried. I was on my new meds (just a new mood stabilizer, and an anti-depressant). Also, since I was on a little vacation from work I'd drank a few beers. Yes, in the middle of the day. I guess I was feeling extra brave due to the booze and my beliefs that don't really have room for annoying people that sign younger people up to kill others. I acted interested at first and asked what the qualifications were. I can't remember all the information I was given, but I do remember saying something along the lines of... I just got released from a state mental institution (which was true, you see I have no such health coverage that would cover a stay in a hospital like that). They then asked if I was on any medications and I said yes: 5mg Abilify, and 90mg Cymbalta. I am not sure why I was so honest with these assholes, I guess I just wanted to see just what sort of damaged 20 year old college students the army accepts. They said they would need me to stop taking my meds, because war can be very traumatic, and they'd need me to be clear headed to handle a combat situation. I pretended to understand how my moods being unstable would make me a better killing machine, maybe it would. I don't know. They started creeping me out while I wrote down my address "666 Fake Street, Ponca Shitty, OK,", etc. Finally, I wrote FUCK YOU, Douche Bags and walked back to the car. My mother applauded and laughed and my giving of my information and we drove away.

I will be going to the April 2 show in OKC. Can't wait to see you guys. I have a Xiu Xiu coloring I made while I was on my little vacation, and maybe some photos, too.




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