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Tuesday, February 19


the sun never sets on the british empire, the sun never sets on afghanistan, the sun never sets on iraq

they informed me that they had just killed my husband at a place called Muumbuchi,
and then they started beating me.
they were using their gun butts to hit me.
one would hit me,
and the blow would throw me to the other,
who would hit me and throw me to the next.
nobody cared about where they were hitting me.
i was beated until i was confused and i didn't care anymore if they killed me.
my two-year-old son,
who had been woken up by the noise and my screams,
ran to me,
passing between the legs of the soldiers.
as i was being thrown by the blows, from one soldier to the next,
my son was trying to hide himseld between my legs.
they were shouting at me,
telling me that they were giving me the independence that my husband had gone to get for me. they did not seem to care that there was a small child,
scared to death and screaming his head off.
as i was being thrown from one soldier to the next,
my son fell down and was trampled by the frenzied soldiers...
i was beaten so much that my body had grown numb,
until i could no longer feel the pain.
they took me outside,
and the last thing i saw was my son's dead body lying on the floor of my house.




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