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Saturday, February 2


kenya bird list

tweet tweet
i went to kenya
this is what i saw that is a bird
and that i could identify by looking in a book that has birds in it
and that i could see through field glasses
there were as many not here that i could not identify but saw with the naked eye
this is the most birds for met
this is the most birds for me
this is the most birds for me

great white pelican*
yellow billed egret
common bittern
black crowned night heron (imm.)
goliath heron
white stork*
saddle billed stork*
black headed heron
sacred ibis
greater flamingo*
lesser flamingo
white faced whistling duck*
egyptian goose
black kite
african fish eagle*
african white backed vulture
lappet backed vulture
white headed vulture (imm.)
montagu's harrier
tawney eagle
martial eagle
red necked spurfowl
yellow necked spurfowl
helmeted guinea fowl*
black crake
grey crowned crane
black bellied bustard
kori bustard
african jacana
two banded courser
african wattled lapwing*
spur winged lapwing
black headed lapwing
crowned lapwing
grey headed gull
black headed gull
red eyed dove
pied kingfisher*
speckled mouse bird*
little bee eater
lilac breasted roller*************!!!
white thighed hornbill
von der deckens hornbill
red chested swallow
common bulbul
short tailed warbler
african paradise monarch*
variable sunbird
collared sunbird
african golden oriole
fuelleborn's boubou
long tailed fiscal
common fiscal
pied crow
hilderbrandt's starling
superb starling
yellow billed oxpicker*
speckeld fronted weaver
white headed buffalo weaver*************!!!
black headed weaver
chestnut weaver
baglefecht weaver
maxwell's black weaver
yellow bishop
acacia paradise whydah
blue cheeked cordon bleu
red cheeked cordon bleu*
pin tailed whydah
grey headed silver bill

*denotes pre travel wish list




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