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Monday, January 21



I remember reading about civil rights activism in High School. I think almost all of that gets neutralized as data and facts for passing tests. It's hard to ACTUALLY imagine putting yourself into a situation where a mob of white guys are going to kick your ass or shoot you or run you over or some cop is going to sic his dog on you or hit you with his club or you are going to get assassinated or someone is going to run over your kid with a bulldozer or parade around your house on horses in white robes and then burn your house down. Or if you are some white kid who feels indignant about the situation and you become a freedom rider or something and you also get your ass kicked or shot or murdered or fucked with. I mean, it's hard to ACTUALLY IMAGINE THIS HAPPENING TO YOU. We all know this, but it's hard to actually imagine the FEAR and the EMOTIONS of it. I think it's easy to forget that non-violent activism is all about violence. It's so easy to claim to be "non-violent" today because you are rarely ever in a vulnerable position that can result in your own death (obviously, I am writing this from the position of living in the USA, so I am not referring to everywhere). That's just what I was thinking right now.




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