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Friday, December 14



scratch the BERLIN plan. i want to sail across an ocean now. how do i do it? i've been looking up crew-wanted web-sites. i can be a cook on a boat! fuck, i am getting so fucking anxious and restless. sail boat? who will take me aboard?

add this to the magazine section: DOT DOT DOT. i've only seen one copy though. mylinh and miya said they liked it, and i was skeptical at first b/c i thought it would just be some hip design publication, but then i read it and it was interesting. it was like, all the interesting theory left art and went to design, which is maybe why...

but the real post - the alignment of something - and all hell revealing itself - is this you? are you there? has the hell submerged itself, or is it still there? has everything been drawn into question? has everything been broken and holes grown bigger? huh? did the psychic forces trample you and tear you apart? can you recuperate? are you going to be dead forever? where is spring? summer will come soon after, and the sun will not go away for another 4000 years, and we'll be dead by that time, so we've already survived the cataclysm, you don't know what i'm talking about unless you do, and to those that do, this is written for you: you will not be swallowed, you will explode the world.




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Dear God, I Hate Myself
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