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Monday, December 3




Do you know showpaper? that small publication that comes out every fortnight listing all the all ages shows in the area w/ an artist on the cover. i just got back from the newsprinter, it's 4am, i am on the cover of #15. i curated the designer for the back, my friend mylinh did it. there are 10,000 of them. go find them!

i will post an image of it later.

i will also post the greatest thing i've ever found: a three color printing of a NY hatian newspaper w/ hugo chavez on the cover. they didn't do the black yet, so there is no text - and they didn't cut it yet - just a long piece of blank newspaper with a three color printing of hugo chavez every other crease. it looks so strange. an orginal art-find. when the next paradigmatic shift occurs, there will no longer be artists, it's not even a question of authorship or originality or WHO did that - it's just a matter of THAT. it will be a world of art-work without the artists. this find is the beginning of that era.

if you don't live in NY, tell your friend to mail you one, and you can stick it on your wall.




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