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Saturday, December 15


david or caralee , the next post is # 666. can you please post a picture of the devil?

everyday i take a constitutional. i walk as fast as i can for 30 minutes in different parts of town. i cant do it at night in most of oakland so that is only in the day time. i drive to berkeley after the sun goes down.
today, walking in down town oakland near broadway and 12th and a 6 year old boy holding a ragged piece of cardboard with an empty sign up sheet attached, comes up to me, clearly hustling, barely able to get out his spiel about his team needing money.
clearly, truth or not if a child this young is on the corner doing this he needs some help. so i gave him some money. his even smaller friend with a piece of card board but not even an empty sign up sheet then asked me a second later, claiming to be on a different team. he is maybe 5 at the oldest. i give him the same amount.
i take a step to leave and a child who was with them who up until that point i had not seen, maybe 7 or 8 years old, says, "can you donate to me."
i just smile and keep continue walking. he screams at me, "fuck you bitch!"




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