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Monday, November 5


thoughts on illegal downloads


i think that i agree with jamie. is there any reason that people who can afford a computer or ipod not afford to be able to buy a c.d.? where do people get their money for those things? i get my money to buy these things from selling records and touring. i could go to where you work and get you fired somehow (i can be pretty amazingly crazy) and then you wouldnt have any money to buy the things you love and need. do people even like music? or do they just want to say that they heard it before everyone else did? i have to say that unless the world ends before jan. 29th i PROMISE that you will hear the new xiu xiu record. dont get me wrong im super flattered that people are excited about hearing it. i just wonder why you have to hear it NOW! i think that people dont really understand how devastating it is for us when things leak. not just us but for all of the people that our involved with puting out our music. do you even like xiu xiu? if you did you would know that we need money to make music. it sucks i hate money i wish that we could all go live in the woods and farm and play acoustic instruments that dont require power, but we dont and we wont and we are a part of modern society and unfortunately that means that my synth requires power and i also have to pay for it because i dont know how to make one by myself. i also work at a coffee shop by the way. i make lattes. i suck at it. but i do it because i need to make music. its all i know how to do. its the only thing that makes sense to me. i cannot do this if people dont respect us enough to pay for our music.




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Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
House Sparrow
Hyunhye's Theme
Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
Falkland Rd.
The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

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