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Thursday, November 1


the saddest thing in the world.

i went to a show last night on the JHDJ*S&^S*D&S*HDJSJ border in NY. I was walking down a residential street and heard a small child who was dressed in his halloween costume say to his dad: maybe the next house will be home. would it be fucked up to bus poor kids into rich white neighborhoods where they give out the best most expensive candy? would they just see how rich people live and think that this is how life is supposed to be. maybe instead fly them to poorer countries just to show them that they have it well off. but then what do you do with the rich people's kids? take them to richer places to show them that they aren't rich enough. you have to make the gap as big as possible - until it's so extreme that two different species evolve out of it. an economic gap is like a river. you know that story you read about in school how the same animals at one point, who had ended up on different sides of the river, they turned into different species. i think there is a baudrillard quote somewhere on how exciting it will be to watch the end of the world. too bad he died and missed it. will i see it before i die?

people in universities should go into your school library and ask them to order the xiu xiu polaroid book for the art or photo book section of the library. YES.




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