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Monday, November 26



i am in a different type of world: burned down desert from a fire years ago, meth labs, hot springs, trailers, tract homes, nudist colonies, prefab houses, glass houses, trash, waste, wind-mills. jim said that he hired someone from a prison rehab to fix his floors, the guy had nazi swasticas all over his body, but supposedely there was a tiny tattoo that negated all of the hate.

i am talking about something that is effective, something that makes something happen. i remember my friend told me, "i couldn't go to the protest, i had class." it wasn't about reaching an end, it was about filling an hour on a daily schedule, about doing something so watered down. i'll go to class, then go to the protest, then go to a movie later. it's not like going to a protest means entering a state of sponteneity where anything can happen, where you enter a moment where all of the past and present is in question and no one knows what the future may hold - even one minute into the future. the sun comes down, put my sign in the trash, get in my car, go see a movie. i was just making a parallel between today's society and the past. maybe using tactics of yesterday created change in yesterday's world. using tactics of yesterday in today's world - that is idiotic. you can't change the world using yesterday's strategies. holding a sign and marching down a street doesn't disrupt anything - it doesn't seize time and hault anything. cities don't have physicality anymore - everything is online and global. i am asking the question: what are new strategies? it's sad to say, but i seriously believe online activism as more potential. or, unless, you bring back violence into the streets. weather underground?

(i am speaking from the point of view of the united states, from an industrialized country - however, old forms of resistence probably still work in what people refer to as "third-world" countries, which i think is a stupid term)

update: someone just sent me this, they said it was related, i haven't read all of it yet: HERE THIS NOW GO




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