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Friday, November 23


i love you dream fawn

so if you eat a leprechaun is it vegan? is eating super natural characters vegan?
would the preparation make any difference? is there some paralell between eathing halal or kosher and being vegan and eating super natural creatures. like you could only eat a leprechaun and still be vegan if it was clothed or you killed it in a fair fight. but there would be no way to have a fair fight with a leprechaun as they can disappear under the grass and that is how the wee people like it. a paradox? can you find faux leprechaun meat anywhere? maybe in ireland?
is anyone reading this living there? if so can you please tell me where to buy some?
if you cooked and ate a leprechaun would you eat the orange beard also? would you have to eat the arm with the hand still attached with all the magic rings still on the fingers? would cooking it deflate the magic or the gems or the gold?
would faux leprechaun meat arm have faux magic rings made of soy texture or candy?
oh shit is it possible to get a rubber or silicon leprechaun vagina or butthole to have sex with at a super natural sex store?
if you have sex with a leprechaun but are in a committed relationship is it cheating? can they trick you into doing it and then as revenge you have to fight them to the death and then eat them? that has to be vegan becuase it is not your fault they made you fuck them and now you have to kill them and eat them.




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