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Sunday, November 25


from someplace:

i just read this:

In a recent lecture at the ICA (26 October) on the futile rhetoric of resistance, Slavoj Zizek criticised the ineffectiveness of political anarchism, the fashionable strategy championed by academics and activists who levy attacks on governments from the sidelines. Such activists, he argues, operate safe in the knowledge that, in the case of anti-war demonstrations for example, their actions will not affect policy, and furthermore that the tedious, bureaucratic business of governing their nation will continue unaffected.

i've thought of this a lot, many "acts of resistence" are mere performative gestures of traditional ways of making change. going to a "protest" is like going to the theatre or going to a show. it's just a social activity (maybe different from other things because of the meaning it holds) but it doesn't actually do anything (maybe it did in another time). or maybe b/c everything is so watered down. voicing opposition is good, but making something happen is better. i don't know, i don't really care b/c my friend told me that the honey bees are dying and once they die humans will only be able to survive for 3 more years on the planet - and that they will probably all be dead in one year - and that is 2009, and 3 years later is 2012 - THE END OF THE MAYAN CALANDAR. WE ARE FUCKED!




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