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Wednesday, November 28


DEAREST HEART, YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!BREATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xiu xiu chronological biography

july - jamie stewart records the first xiu xiu song "homonculous" and continues to record for the rest of year
first show in november in portland, OR at the north by northwest festival line up yvonne chen, cory mcculloch, miya osaki and jamie stewart
this would be miya's only show
xiu xiu play 5 songs - “suha”, “dr. troll”, “jennifer lopez”, “homonculous”, and “poe poe”

lauren andrews, who had been a friend of the band, joins.
the rest of this year is spent recording the remainder of what would be "knife play" with cory, yvonne, lauren and jamie
ches smith, who would later join xiu xiu and greg saunier, who would later produce 2 xiu xiu records play together on one song.
xiu xiu goes on 3 very short tours for 3 or 4 days on the west coast, plays shows throughout california and sends out knife play to labels. don dias plays 2 or 3 shows with this line up
the first xiu xiu release "jennifer lopez" is on a "cool beans" magazine cd comp.
xiu xiu is on a few more comps this year.
the first xiu xiu interview is in copper press.
greg saunier gives "knife play" to slim moon of kill rock stars/5 rue christine and he asks xiu xiu to release it with them
xiu xiu begin to record songs for the EP "chapel of the chimes"
yvonne decides not to play shows anymore to start a vegan indie rock store called "otsu" in san francisco.

lauren, cory and jamie go on the first real tour in january for 10 days. the minivan is named PROTOTYPE
"knife play" is released in february on 5 rue christine and absolutely kosher(LP)
this line up does 2 more national tours and write and records songs for "a promise" the back cover photo is taken at a wal mart in salt lake city, utah.
"chapel of the chimes" ep is released in october on absolutely kosher.
cory and lauren decide to stop touring. lauren to go to school and cory for personal reasons.
sam mickens and jherek bischoff of the dead science join to do a national tour afterwards jamie beings to write songs for "fabulous muscles"
jamie's father, who was involved in the recording of "knife play", commits suicide.

cory, lauren, jamie, sam and jherek meet in seattle to being recording "fabulous muscles" afterwards lauren quits recording with the band.
with cory producing, jamie records the songs for "fag patrol", an ep of acoustic versions of the band's 3 records.
"a promise" is released on 5 rue christine and collective jyrk (LP)
cory, sam, jherek and jamie work on "fabulous muscles" in seattle
"fag patrol" is released by free porcupine society.
devin hoff makes his first appearance on this record.
with devendra banhart, jamie does a national solo tour and jamie finishes fabulous muscles.
jamie does solo tour in japan
jamie does solo tour in a station wagon named CHATTY KATHY
releases the audio diary "thanks japan"

caralee mcelroy joins xiu xiu
"fabulous muscles" is released on 5 rue christine, tomlab and free porcupine society (LP)
caralee and jamie play first show together opening for deerhoof in seattle after this caralee and jamie spend most of the rest of the year touring north america and europe in a minivan named MORPHEUS and station wagon named DAS OMEN
the first european date is in vienna. they also play moscow this year and being to write songs for "la foret"
ches smith, devin hoff, john dieterich, miya osaki, cory and jamie work on la foret in the bay area
jamie moves back to california and caralee stays in seattle.

caralee and jamie tour north america and europe several times this year.
caralee comes to oakland to work on la foret along with cory mcculloch.
"la foret" is released on 5 rue christine and acuarela. xiu xiu self releases the vinyl on a double 10-inch.
cory rejoins the touring line up for a single tour. the tour is of canada. this is his last work with the band.
xiu xiu plays in mexico city and serbia
jamie begins to write songs for "the air force"

caralee moves to the bay area
caralee and jamie tour north america and europe. and play in mexico again with greg saunier producing, caralee, devin and jamie work on "the air force"
devin hoff allows his piece "gita" to be edited into the track "wig master"
"the air force" is released on 5 rue christine
"tu mi piaci" is released on acuarela. it is a covers EP
ches smith joins the band full time and does his first tour with caralee and jamie
ches, caralee and jamie begin writing "women as lovers"
xiu xiu release the covers EP "tu mi piaci" on acuarela
grouper and xiu xiu release the collaboration "creep show"
david horvitz begins the poloroid project documenting xiu xiu tours with attendees providing the film.

again with greg producing, xiu xiu finish "women as lovers"
ches, caralee and jamie tour north america and play a handful of festival dates in europe. in a van called CRAZY WITCH these are the first scandinavian dates.
xiu xiu play in taiwan
"remixed and covered" is released on 5 rue christine. it is a record of people covering xiu xiu songs and of remixes. it is the last release by 5 rue christine
devin hoff joins the band full time and will be a touring member in 2008.
david has the poloroid project published by mark batty.

"women as lovers" is released on kill rock stars.




New Album
Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
House Sparrow
Hyunhye's Theme
Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
Falkland Rd.
The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

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