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Tuesday, October 2



I am at work talking to this business customer, and she was yelling at
someone called Hercules. I asked her if she was talking to her pet,
and she said yes, Hercules is a Pit Bull. I told her that I have cats,
and that my roommate had Yorkies, which were like cats, then she said
that the only reason she bought a Pit Bull was that her husband is
going to Iraq, and that if someone breaks into her house the Pit Bull
will get them. THEN, she said "why are you e-mailing me, GOD"?! She
then proceeded to tell me how her ex-husband used to beat her!
I just thought that the Iraq part was comical, then she threw in the
beating husband part, and so it made me wonder how she ended up
re-married to someone that is going somewhere else to probably kill
other people.
People confuse me so MUCH, and I don't even know this lady. I just
don't see the logic. Someone else used to physically abuse her, so now
she is married to someone that is signed up for something else that
involves actually killing others?!
I think maybe I just have a friendly voice, and so complete stangers
feel OK about telling me their mini-life stories.
OK, end rant. I am ready to go home to my cat that is totally
anti-war, and is not to trained to kill possible intruders.




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