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Tuesday, October 13


New Orleans 2

nerdily, i went on the haunted history tour through the french quarter.

here, the ghosts keep reappearing to tell tales of its history.

the yellow fever claimed 10,000 lives in the city. they stacked bodies on intersections until the the corpses roasted and steamed till they split open like sausages. some will see ghosts of bodies or smell the stench. it is of this intersection that robert johnson sings of.

the first fire wiped out 80% of the city and killed a third of its population. the school children still haunt the dorms they died in. many are happy, playing around with the tourists who are now staying in those school-to-hotel converted rooms. some have appeared scorched. skin charred, eyes hollow, trembling and disoriented.

lady delphnie tortured her slaves. they found bodies locked in a room: a woman scalped and peeled like an orange around her waist. a man's face cut in a cross and peeled open, bones cut out of forehead, cheeks, and chin, and rearranged on the face. a woman still alive stuffed into a chest with every bone broken and joint popped out. they found the bodies because the cook, who was chained to the stove and only allowed to move from stove to her bed a few feet away set fire to the kitchen, drawing the attention of police to the scene.
before lady delphnie fled, she held pistols to her slaves and buried them alive underneath her house. for weeks afterwards, the townspeople could hear screaming and moaning from underneath the sidewalk, but no one did anything about it. 110 years later, while renovating, they found the bodies under the caved in sidewalks.

civil war soldiers appear in a hotel room during mardi gras, pirates at bars, 18th c. schoolchildren play with elevators, vampires haunt among cars. "dead" is not the right word for them.

would you want to be a ghost? where would you haunt? who could you never leave?




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