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Wednesday, July 29


the conk

so many things happened tonite and today. i am not sure how to say it all. i drove 3 and a half hours to a civil war museum in virginia that seemed to be an revisionist shrine discounting that the confederacy and war between the states had any significant connection to slavery. it was in a strip mall. then i got drunk and recorded vocals and tried to tried to smash a bottle in the shower but it wouldn't break.
then i spent $18 on one shot of stunning whiskey and read about how dead bodies were collected and named during the civil war. then i walked home a leaned into a juniper bush a shined an LED flashlight into it to see what i could see. the cops asked what i was doing and i said "bird watching." they said "where is your book?" and i said "the best book i ever read on bird watching said not to bring one but to really see them and not be distracted by cataloging until you get home." he said."ok" and turned his spot light off of me, laying in a bush.
in the South there are so many more bugs than in California. i cannot get over it. i shinned my beam into a gardenia tree and saw a huge web with a light green spider in the middle. there was also a purple flower caught in the web about a foot from the spider. if i shone the light just right they were floating together in nothing.
there is a church on the corner of my new block where people play ecstatic church music until 4 am most nights. you can only hear it outside usually. tonite there were 3 drummers all playing 3 drum kits to a record and totally going crazy physical and not really listening, just feeling themselves move. it is so beautiful. is that what i am doing here? jasmine the cat is trying to catch a beetle on the other side of the glass.




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