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Saturday, July 4


-all the sounds you have heard within an hour-

mai in hanoi
1130pm to 1230 am july 2 2009

bugs near my head
radio doppler effect from a car passing
my radio
slippers on floor
roommate on telephone
telephone ringing
people talking on the street walking by
book falling on the floor
glass breaking from falling on the floor
glass falling into trash
roommate crying in next room
telelphone ringing
pen on paper
cats fighting
baby crying
foot steps past window
clothes moving or brushing against itself
water boiling
tea being swallowed
tea cup being picked up and set down
water from washing hands
nuts or seeds or something like that falling from tree onto the street
door opening and closing
roommate talking to me
me talking to roommate
roommate dramatically collapsing onto the floor and sighing

my hour of sound was really interesting. i clocked mine basically from when i woke up and was surfing the internet until i was in the backyard trying to read a book but getting sidetracked by a howling dog and birds and just generally paying attention to everything around me. very interesting! if you have a phone capable of receiving video i could even send you 15 seconds of my feet in a hammock and birds chirping. haha.
here is my list, and i hope you have a fantastic day!
Tyler M***s
Portland, Oregon
26 June 2009
8:39 a.m.

allergy sneeze
large vehicle somewhere
airplane flying over
chirping bird
miscellaneous vehicle
different bird
vehicle revving up a block away
clock chiming 45 minutes after the hour
a door slamming a few houses down
window shutting
a loud yawn and scratching of my hair
clock chiming 9 o'clock
bed creaking
yawn while rubbing my eyes (i am always amazed that this is so audible)
bed creaking while getting up
walking around
eyeglasses opening up
bedroom door
bathroom door
flowing forth the river of life
flushing toilet
hardwood floors creaking
back door
wooden porch
wind in the greenery
cars a few blocks away
back door slamming on accident
bedroom door
sounds of getting dressed
fishing a book out of a messenger bag
back door
the sound of feet walking through grass that needs to be cut
unraveling a hammock and attaching it to the hammock frame (this is louder than it theoretically should be!)
husky fellow trying to lay in a hammock
bird calling
car door shutting
couple two doors down is talking to their daughter in the backyard about something she wasn't supposed to do
neighbor dog howling? or neighbor is coming down off heroin.
birds chirping
crow caws
dog again
distant crow
distant dog
fire truck sirens far away (that would explain the howling dog)
i think that there are only two birds very near me that are singing. one goes and then the other.
distant traffic on division street.
the sounds of reading, pages turning
unidentified falling object in giant bush beside me
something is squeaking...brakes? horrendous
bumblebee molesting the blackberry bush three feet from my head
that fucking dog is howling again
ah...more sirens
more birds
sound of cell phone beeping

9:39 a.m.


16:49 - 17:49 26.06.2009

noises of computer
woofing dog
mouse click click klik
sheets of paper
mama (people's voice)
wind wind wind!
my chair telling (in typical chair way) something about unspeakable sreffiung (sic) which apparently only chairs knowand some 'floor stuff sounds', you know

do not publish, just fo fuuuun

nothing 'wow', rather 'you need more wow'

greetings :))

durham. north carolina
1:15 am and 2:15 am

all the sounds i have heard in a hour

ceiling fan
clicking of computer keys
refrigerator turning on and off
clock ticking
my own breathing
chair creaking
my hand passing over the skin on my leg or face
cereal being poured into a bowl
refrigerator opening and closing
soy milk being poured and being set on the shelf
bowl hitting the sink
spoon hitting the sink
page of a book turning
book being set down on table
text message alert beep
clicking of phone keys
closing phone
plastic bag under the table being kicked
ears ringing
my own yawning
sirens and cars passing my house
teeth clicking together
a few songs from the record "desertshore" by nico
a small laugh thinking about a record that could be called "dessert shore" by donut

here's a list:

A LOT of birds singing
the wind blowing
leaves dancing
three cars passing by
children screaming somewhere in the distance
my guinea pigs eating grass and all those other way too cute sounds they make
a bird stealing food
trying to escape
flying against the window
but not dying
the grass under my feet as I walked back to the house
doors opening
doors closing
my brother sneezing
the chair as I sit down
my fingers caressing the keyboard
and the worst sound ever: my brother's band practice
hooray for "I-don't-know-which-band"-coverbands
annoying, so I decided to watch South Park.
I guess we all know the sound of that.
(I watched two episodes so that's only 17 minutes of sounds, sorry)


do I really have to tell you my name? I'm from Belgium.
call me Nad i a

I would have sent you some guinea pig sounds but I don't know how to put them onto my laptop.


alecia Oklahoma

BuzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZzzzz (computer monitor)

BaaaDING DINGGGG (phone call)

Me: Hello, thank you for calling… may I please have YOUR name?

Caller: Wijoon

Me: Hi, Wijoon

Shuffling paper

Cubical Neighbor: my little girl caught a frog, and said hey daddy!


Cubical Neighbor: I know! She said OH NO, Daddy! Wash hands DADDY?!

BaaaDING DINGGGG (phone call)

Crackling plastic

Closing Door

Old Lady Laughing


Another call takes place

Cube Neighbor: Hey, what data plan does the LG Vu need?

Me: Data Unlimited, it is not a PDA!

Cube Neighbor: Really, but it has a touch screen.

Me: You’re correct, still not a PDA.


*mute phone*

Ahhhhcheeeeeeeewww (sneezy wheeeeezy sounds)

Cube Neighbor: Are you alive over there?!

Me: Yes, just ALLERGIES! (congested tone)

Co-worker coughing


sounds 1:42 -2:42
this is a list of every sound i heard in an hour. the things in italics, are things i said.
my name is jill h***y, i am from king of prussia.
heartbeats by the knife
nail biting
timer on the dryer
chair rocking back and forth
rose speaks
door closes
slurping papaya smoothie
girls night out by the knife
door opens
more nail biting
foot tapping
rose yells
mouse click
pass this on by the knife
computer sighs when it turns off
finger run through hair
fingers tapping
i sing along to the words “some company on the dancefloor.”
bird chirp outside
rose says, “heyyyyyyy! i can’t do it now!”
mouse click
one for you by the knife
chair creaks
hum off computer turning back on
rose yells. loudly.
more birds, louder.
door opens and closes twice.
door opens upstairs.
metal bowls clang against each other.
cop by the knife
“wait a second…why is this…did this reboot?”
listen now by the knife.
“rose, can you put this game away?”
toys pushed around.
velcro is undone.

I'm Michael S****k a 17 y/o fan from the chi, Illinois.
from 8 pm - 9 pm on June 27th i was biking home from work and halfway into the hour, it started to pour. These are the sounds i heard during that hour:

- sizzling food on a cooking pan
- dog barking
- birds chirping
- cars revving and braking at lights
- my stomach growling
- speeding ambulance
- chain linked fence gates being swung open and shut
- little boy telling his mom he "FELT A RAINDROP!"
- the clicks and squeeks of my bike
- thunder clap!
- car alarm set off
- trees rustling in a gust of wind
- italian trumpet solo from the balcony speakers of Caponies pizza place
- deep drone from the 90 Harlem CTA bus
- empty paper bags and flat plastic pop bottles shuffling against the curb
- the high pitched hum from the 7-11 sign
- cars, cars, cars
- laughter from middle aged smoking women on three story apartment balcony
- Jiffy Lube ad flags flapping maniacally in the wind
- loose car parts scratching against the street
- unknown low pops and bangs in the distance
- construction
- heavy rain patter on the small tin porch roof of my home

I listened to the sounds coming from and around me for about an hour. The place I sat is always very quiet, on the edge of a ravine. Most of the sounds are muffled by a dense wall of trees. I was surprised how noisy I was just sitting there reading, and how it would be strange if the little sounds people make could be amplified over a large area and heard by people from miles around. That would be mostly gross and irritating....

-a dog barking
-a bird chittering (i wish i knew what kind of bird this was. it made one long continuous chitter for most of the time i sat outside)
-a kid laughing
-kids talking
-wind blowing through the poplars
-someone speeding on the highway
-swallowing of pineapple juice
-clearing my throat
-the hum of an airplane
-another bird chirping
-a burp (yes, that was me)
-pages of a book flipping
-another airplane in the distance, getting louder
-a glass being set down
-a sigh
-next door neighbors opening a door
-teeth knocking against a glass
-teeth clicking as I bit the inside of my cheek
-a siren, possibly ambulance
-kids talking excitedly again, one yells something
-intermittent gusts of wind in the trees
-another siren
-a wasp buzzing
-the branch of a tree snapping
-my neck cracks
-a sneeze
-kids banging stuff together, one yells "HEY!...MIKE!"
-leaves crunching
-a car accelerates on the highway
-a robin's wings flutter
-the wood creaks in the wall of my house

At this point I stopped because the same sounds kept repeating in different variations. Plus it was getting cold out.






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