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Friday, February 27


xiu shoes

So, i do not dress well. i know this.
i would like to but i hate to shop. it makes me so anxious i would rather endure wearing the same clothes and be boring for years.
however i am obsessed with shoes. it is the only article of clothing that i take care in.
but i blew it. i started wearing new balance running shoes all the time. the most indie rock, lazy fucking shoes ever. they do the job in terms of going to the gym but for a boy like me who has nothing else to fall back on i just look like the true unsartorial slob that i might actually be.
this subject has been breached on a xiu xiu message board. it was too much. i must look down in order to look up.
a few people posted some "suggestions" and i am considering some new ideas as well.
is this too dumb?
is this too gay? is it not gay enough?
am i too insecure?
yes to all of these yet shoe gaze i must...
any thoughts?
on afghanistan? oh God...




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