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Monday, January 12


10 < 10 > 10 interview series #7 with spencer krug of sunset rubdown, wolf parade & frog eyes

harassed beyond all contention to reveal and yet lie at the same time, xiu xiu is forced to emit
yet again... thee...

10 < 10 > 10 interview series

10 questions to more than 10 people that takes less than 10 minutes to answer.

this series does not ask why, only what!
be brief and live your life far from the computer!

#seven with - Spencer Krug of Sunset Rubdown, Wolf Parade & Frog Eyes

1 what sound would you be happy to never hear again?

the pumping, bumping sound system at "O-Bar," which happens to be below my apartment

2 what do you do when you are feeling self destructive?

make drama, maybe punch a door or kick a wall. get overly physical.

3 what nut, fruit, or vegetable would you use to build your castle?

artichoke leaves, (with a garlic butter moat)

4 what is/was your favorite controlled/palliative substance?

jameson whisky and tylenol gel caps equally

5 what do you want to see when you look at the sky?

the usual, as in, no big surprises

6 what about yourself physically do you want to change?

generally, I feel like a lump of silly putty that needs stretching out,
so, whatever that means.

7 what item that is not food, do you wish was food?

carbon emissions

8 what do you want to be free of?

don't know. nothing. because I'd bet I'd miss whatever I answer, even things like "guilt," or "fear," or "Canadian economic ties to America."

9 what book do you want to read but have not yet?

fiction: geek love non fiction: the hot topic

10 what deformity do you find attractive?

hair-lips are kinda cool...




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