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Wednesday, December 31


this 2009 please consider being generous as a new years resolution

Happy New Year

please think about this and then please be generous.
you can help stop global sex trafficking and labor trafficking.

to make a donation:

"they are mostly cambodian boys trafficked to the town of aranya prathet by bus. from there, a thai agent takes them to the town of samut sakhon, on the coast of south bangkok. the boys are taken to sea where they are forced to catch fish for twenty hours a day for many months. the ship captains force the boys to take amphetamines so they can work non stop, but the boys are kept on the ship."

"at the end of the fishing season, many are shot and thrown into the sea. this phenomenon has become increasingly common throughout east asia, south asia, eastern europe and africa. ukrainian boys are trafficked for forced labor on russian fishing boats in the black sea and young boys in ghana are forced to work in the deadly fishing operation on lake volta. beyond the fishing runs, forced labor tactics are used throughout the supply chain, from processing to packaging of sea food for distribution in the west, most prevalently in the $1.5 billion shrimp markets of bangladesh and thailand"


"the next day another prostitute told me if i wanted to eat i should start work. i told her i would rather starve. after four days another woman from the mahato caste tried to convince me. i still refused. after one week a man came. they made an arrangement for me with the man for sixty thousand rupees. ($1,333). they told him i was still a virgin."

"the man stayed with me for two weeks. i was forced to be with him even though the pain was unbearable. four days after the man left another customer came.i was still bleeding so the man went to the gharwali and shouted "why did you send me to a woman who is still on her period?" the gharwali asked me if i was having my period, but i told her the wounds it was from the wounds in my vagina. the malik called the doctor and he stitched up my wounds. i was given rest for three days, then i was forced to be with customers. my stitches opened, and i started bleeding again. this process happened twelve times."

"i do not know how many years i was in kamathipura. i used to be with twenty-five customers a day. if we felt we would faint from the pain, the gharwali gave us medicine. we had to keep making sex with customers no matter what."




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Dear God, I Hate Myself
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