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Friday, January 11


post from nairobi-gela at nyumbani AIDS opahanage

things have calmed down a lot in terms of immediate violence. now is the painfully slow recovery. the aftermath which thickens the red of spilt blood into a deep mud-mixed grey. even here among the staff, news of families losing their homes, jobs, friends. on one hand, there is the loud cry of outrage, or sorrow, or anger. and on the other, the silence of those who cannot bear to speak. the most disheartening of all though, is the softly spoken rumble of hate. whether fear and anger manifests into hate, or vice versa, i'm not sure. but whichever way it flows, it hurts, doesn't it?

most of the children have come home, although there are a few who still cannot get away to come back to nyumbani. sometimes, the roads are the worst places to be on... many came back skinnier, hungrier. one had to drink only tea for 5 days because he couldn't leave the house at all for food. not that there were any, because all the local stores were closed or burnt down. others have come back with scabies, rashes, or stomachaches. and still, some have come back happy and excited, and one boy may even get to go live with the family he spent the holidays with come april.

but for the most part, the children are nyumbani are great. today we even took them to splash, a giant swimming pool, with all the slides, literally, and whistles, figuratively.

we have set up temporary sites for lea toto, where the kids from kibera can come and pick up their medicine. the children there are who we are most concerned about, since many of them have lost their homes and are now faced with an even more unsure future. i find myself wondering how God, if she's there, is planning on holding so many children in her arms at once.




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