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Monday, December 10


once i bought a skin cream at the airport that cost $85. WTF.

hi this will be so dumb
my last post was dumb also
do you know about dumb land?
my address is
1+2 = i don't know street
dumbland village, STUPID ISLAND
i am too dumb to remember my zip code

this is my post:
i use 5 different skin care products on my face
that is out of control right?
a scrub
a pore refiner
a mud mask OR on a special days a face polish
a wrinkle (eeeeek!) cream in the day
a moisturizer at night before bed

that said i am spending nearly every moment of december and almost all of january alone.
does this mean i have hope that someone will ever look at my face again? or am i just afraid of death?
the new issue of BUTT magazine is really good.
the love of my life called me from africa crying at 7 in the morning and i was too worried to get back to sleep so i read the whole thing. and then-




New Album
Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
House Sparrow
Hyunhye's Theme
Dear God, I Hate Myself
Secret Motel
Falkland Rd.
The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

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