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Sunday, December 30


el mundo (usa for africa) and fuck you to the man who steals a soda right out of your hand i am gonna kick that mutha fuckers ass

there are riots in kenya over the election being stolen and 80% voter turn out
there were no riots in the usa for the elections being stolen twice
i am scared to death that angela at the nyumbani aids orphanage will get trapped there or much worse if the violence escalates
there are riots and killings in the kibera slums, where she had visited and sent photos from
i made her promise, actually say the whole sentence
"jamie i promise i will come home safely"
she is worried about oakland
devin was held up at gun point in front of our apartment
2 men tried to rape a women in our parking lot
there was a massive gun battle in the middle of the night last week, not like 3 shots but i counted around 50 shots
police have closed off our block twice this month
peace in the new year fellas and girls
no kicking muthafuckers asses




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