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Tuesday, December 11



man, who cares what some lame head has to say. people talk so much shit, but what do they do? sit around on their ass all day and write things on the internet? shit, that's what i'm doing right now. the idea of the "critic" is so pointless. they are like an in-between position. there is the artists, there is the people who listen to the music - and then there's these people who try to get inbetween and try to seem important, but it's so pointless. record reviews are pointless. write ups are pointless. people's opinions are pointless... 99% of the world is completely and utterly stupid. wait, that's not true. maybe like 65% of the world. there's a lot of good things still: snow, the beach, clouds, etc...

but then: if someone has something good to say...... i really don't care what someone doesn't like, it's a waste of time. if there is something that someone does like, then i'd be interested in figuring out for myself if it is interesting.




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Dear God, I Hate Myself.

Gray Death
Chocolate Makes You Happy
Apple for a Brain
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Dear God, I Hate Myself
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The Fabrizio Palumbo Retaliation
Cumberland Gap
This Too Shall Pass Away (for Freddy)
Impossible Feeling

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