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Wednesday, October 24



if this blog could be a different photo every few days then it would be my favorite blog.
Joe do you think we should just do that? At least for awhile, until the next record comes out?
the title of which is OH GOD I HATE MYSELF (dont steal this i will use it later)
I have told so many people about this dream. a dream about my former cat – DORIS –
She has caused me problems. She had given me affection.
Miguel depedro is mad at me I think because of her. But cats control us., right Marisa?
Right mcelmeow?
The dream is that hyunhye and I are sitting on my brother’s couch in NYC and looking out his window and there is a tree there and doris, the HUGE FAT BLACK CAT, who is superimposed on greg saunier in a photo I took that I will eventually give to him, is climbing in the leafless branches like a monkey and then she jumps through the window but It magically , dreamily does not break. She comes to us. Like a man in a costume of cat.
She wants to be touched and pet but she is bleeding out of her eyes and her ears. She has a huge gash on her back that is like a canyon or jerky scar.
I am freaking out.
Hyunhye and my brother tell me she is obviously not in any pain.
She is free. She is freecat. She is freaking out in cuddleberg, Canada.
I bought a paino for $1895.00. I really really really did not have the money for this but my goal is to be able to play Bach in one year. It is totally in tune. Unlike any piano you have ever heard on a xiu xiu record.
***(the new name from xiu xiu is OUI OUI)***
The days of the gamelan piano are gone.
Cory mcculloch I am sorry the piano is tune.
Laurenandrews I am sorry the tonite and today Is in tune
Yvonne chen I am sorry your brother Jorge is in jail FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sam mickens I am sorry that you need new shoes
Jherek bischoff I am sorry your wigwam smells like smoke.




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Dear God, I Hate Myself.

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Dear God, I Hate Myself
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